What Is DaaS? (Desktop as a Service ) And Do You Need It?

SaaS. PaaS. IaaS. There are a lot of “-aaS” acronyms  knocking around the IT world these days. But in this article, we’re going to talk about just one: DaaS.

So what is DaaS? And does your business need it?

How DaaS Benefits Your Business


What Is DaaS?

Like most “-aaS” acronyms, the “aaS” in “DaaS” stands for “as-a-service”.  But what about the “D”. Well, that stands for “desktop”. Put it all together and we get “desktop-as-a-service” – also known as hosted desktop.

Desktop-as-a-Service is a type of virtual or cloud computing. A market in itself, the demand for DaaS has skyrocketed in recent years. In fact, according to business industry reports, the market size for virtual desktops will reach $510 million (£392 million) by 2022.

This extraordinary growth is driven by some very real benefits. But we’ll get to them later. First, here’s an overview of what DaaS actually is.

Using DaaS, desktop computers run on virtual machines on servers inside the cloud. That sounds very sci-fi, but it’s true. And it means that everything that would normally belong on an office computer or laptop (so documents, apps, files, data, etc.) now lives in the cloud.

Because this information is stored in the cloud, users can access their desktop from any suitable machine. In essence, this means that they can do everything they can do in the office from anywhere in the world.

As such, DaaS is inherently flexible, and allows companies to offer remote working, create better inter-site communication and collaboration and better support workers on-the-go.


How Does DaaS Work?

Previously, setting up a working network required purchasing computer terminals, installing a desktop into each machine and connecting them together. This was time-consuming, expensive and required ongoing maintenance.

DaaS eliminates all of this hassle.

As with all cloud computing models, a DaaS service eliminates the need for businesses to manage back-end responsibilities such as data storage, backup, security and upgrades. Your provider will take care of all of this on your behalf, while you (and your staff) will be able to access everything you need to do your job from your device of choice.

Under DaaS, a remote server creates virtual desktops which can be accessed anywhere, anytime. The end result is a cloud-based network, which is properly secure, incredibly resilient and inherently flexible.


Does Your Business Need DaaS?

The types of businesses that will benefit from DaaS most are:


  • Businesses which require staff to be able to access one consistent IT system anytime, anywhere – such as those with multiple offices or those which hire remote workers
  • Businesses which want to stay up-to-date with the latest software and features without the hassle of updating their devices themselves
  • Businesses which need a secure computing environment (such as those handling sensitive information)
  • Businesses that require flexible IT infrastructure (such as companies that frequently hire temporary staff or contractors)
  • Businesses that can’t afford IT outages and require constant uptime


Organisations that implement DaaS can expect to experience some significant benefits. These include:


  • Improved security – your data will be backed up regularly and servers will be maintained to the very highest standards and equipped with corporate-level physical and cyber security measures
  • Cost savings – because they eliminate hardware and maintenance costs, businesses which choose DaaS typically save 30 to 50 percent of their IT budgets
  • Scalability – DaaS allows your solution to scale precisely with your business, with no excess or compromise
  • Increased productivity – By allowing seamless working from any location, salespeople on the move, homeworkers and those working outside of hours will be able to do so in exactly the same way as if they were at their office desk
  • Employee satisfaction – Employees working in flexible working environments experience higher levels of job satisfaction. Which in turn leads to increased productivity
  • Reliability –  A good DaaS provider, such as Elite Group, will provide an incredibly reliable service. At Elite Group, we deliver 99.9999 percent uptime.


To find out more benefits of DaaS, see our article 8 Reasons Your Business Should Consider Hosted Desktop.


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