Our Commitments

Our Elite Group people mission

Our Mission

We’re here to help companies become more successful through harnessing the power of technology.

This is what we do, but what do we stand for?

Our mission is to be the best business to work with and to be an employer of choice. So, we have made  commitments to our people, our community and our environment, in order to ensure the success of this mission.

The Elite team

Our People

We are committed to treating our team, customers, suppliers and those within our wider community with respect, dignity and consideration at all times.

The success of our team, is just as important as the success of our business. That’s why we take the time to show our appreciation for their hard work with rewards that celebrate them and provide plenty of opportunities for career progression and development.


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Our Environment

We are committed to proactively engaging in sustainable initiatives through investing in the four pillars of sustainability:

People and culture

Human Sustainability

We've implemented hybrid working, ride to work schemes, reusable water bottles and recycling of our office waste and are committed to fostering a positive company culture.

Social Sustainability

Our company values, commitment to charity, creating a positive impact in our local community and promoting an inclusive workplace drive our efforts to becoming more sustainable.


Economic Sustainability

Ensure stable levels of economic growth through sustainable development with eco-friendly solutions, reduced waste and utilising assets efficiently.


Environmental Sustainability

Employing digital technologies and initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint with the ambition of becoming net zero.

Elite Green Certified Partners

We are committed to sustainability being at the forefront of our business. That's we introduced our ‘Elite Green’ certification for partners whose business operations align with our aim of being a sustainable company.