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Replace your outdated systems and bring your business operations up to speed with modern digital technology and communication solutions.

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What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to update existing business processes, culture and customer experiences, or create new ones, to meet the demands of the modern market.

It’s where businesses take advantage of technology and solutions available in the digital age and change how they operate for the better, working towards ambitious goals and innovation.

5 Tips to Fuel Productivity with Mobile Technology

Why should a business consider digital transformation?

Time moves rapidly in tech. Before you can finish saying GPT the world has moved on.

Businesses still relying on outdated technology will struggle with inefficient processes, errors and slower operations. As time moves on, this technology will be left behind, or even closed down.

Businesses relying on it will face disruption if they don’t stay on top of their solutions.For example, the PSTN switch-off will make analogue phone systems obsolete. Businesses running on obsolete technology will need modern, internet-based communication solutions, like cloud phone systems.

Did you know?


Of businesses believe that digital transformation can lead to greater collaboration across teams.


Of businesses believe that digital transformation leads to higher productivity and improved customer experience.


Of businesses consider digital transformation a top priority in comparison to other business changes.

How Can Technology Reduce Costs For Your Business?

How Can Technology Reduce Costs For Your Business?

Here’s how:

  • Enhance your operations
  • Increase employee productivity and satisfaction
  • Improve customer engagement

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Business Benefits of Digital Transformation

There are many benefits of newer technology in business, from improved ground systems to business growth opportunities, the opportunities are endless.

Cost efficient

Reduced costs

Outdated technology is expensive to maintain and requires constant updates as your business changes. Transform every part of your business with the latest digital technology that’s easy and cheaper to maintain. Condense multiple programmes, subscriptions and expenses into one all-encompassing service with one monthly bill.

Ethernet Leased Line provides symmetrical download and upload speeds of up to 10 Gbps

Increased Productivity

Work faster and smarter with better technology. Cut downtime and boost productivity. Digital transformation opens the door to improved ways of working, with consistent, secure access to internal business systems from virtually anywhere, helping workers get their jobs done wherever they are.

Bespoke solutions

Improved Services

Create better customer experiences with improved analytics that give you a greater insight into consumer habits, relationships with your products, and ways you can keep them coming back for more. Use all this data to build new and exciting services around your customers’ needs and desires.

When your business grows, your unified communication solution grows with it

Future-Proof Your Business

Take advantage of cloud-based systems and SaaS products that are hosted securely, and regularly updated with new features based on customer feedback to keep you ahead of the curve. Let your cloud hosting provider take care of the software admin so you can focus more on growing your business.

Your IT network is monitored constantly, meaning problems are prevented in advance.

Enhance Your Operations

Streamline and automate monotonous day-to-day processes to reduce human error and free your team to take on more value-adding tasks and projects. Improve every area of your business, from finance to data management to security and watch your employees’ productivity rise.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Make it easy for your employees to complete tasks swiftly and spend more of their time on interesting work to keep team morale high. The convenience and ease of use provided by modern technologies eliminates consistent errors and automates repetitive tasks so your team can focus on better work.

Finacial Wellbeing - Elite Group

Improve Customer Engagement

Customers expect quickfire response times and stellar service in today’s world. The technologies provided through digital transformation offer both. Gather your communications into one easy-to-use platform with intelligent call systems that guide customers to the information or departments they need. This will drastically reduce waiting times and boost customer retention.

Digital Transformation Solutions

We have a range of products that support your digital transformation journey. Take a look at their features and benefits and speak to us if you need some advice.

Next Steps

Your digital transformation journey timeline.

Step 1: Get in touch

Call Elite Group today or fill out our contact form - our team of experienced technology experts will be happy to speak with you about your needs and where you see your digital transformation going.

Step 2: Audit

Fill us in on everything we need to know about your business - who you are, what you do, and what kind of systems you’re working with right now. We’ll audit your current setup and offer expert advice about what digital transformation technologies will work for you.

Step 3: Planning

Once we’ve nailed down the services you need, we’ll work with you to plan how you can use these services to take your business to the next level.

Step 4: Implementation

Elite Group will arrange the installation of any new equipment and services you need through our associated providers, keeping you informed every step of the way. Whether it requires a visit in-house, or if everything can be done externally, we’ll make the whole process as easy as possible for you.

Step 5: Continued Support

Once your new systems are up and running, Elite is just a phone call away. We’ll be here to make sure your new systems are up to scratch and working the way you need them to. If you have any questions, we’ll be here for you.


Customer Experience

Since seamlessly moving to the cloud with Azure as part of their digital transformation journey, LED Leisure has managed to save in the region of £100,000 and now has a flexible set-up where they can open pop-up sites with ease. Check out the video to see how this was achieved.

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