Acquisitions Done the Right Way

In a fast-paced and dynamic world, high-growth businesses need to anticipate and react to constant change. Elite Group has partly engineered its own growth through a strategic focus on purchasing businesses that provide the best foundation for succeeding in new and emerging markets.

Our dedicated acquisitions team ensure the process is straightforward

A Win-Win Approach

Whatever the reasons for considering the sale of your business, with Elite Group, you’ll be working with an experienced and understanding buyer.

Our dedicated acquisitions team ensure the process is straightforward and that your interests and those of your employees are always protected.

do you own a technology or communications business

Do You Provide Technology or Communications? Talk to Us.

Elite Group focus on businesses that operate within the technology and communications sectors, including IT, UC, SIP and Voice, and Cloud. We are especially interested in sector leaders that can demonstrate strong revenues, high customer retention, and simplified customer journeys.

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Why Elite?

Our Six-Step Approach to Simple Acquisitions.

Step1: Initial Review

Evaluation of your business and establishment of criteria for a successful sale.

Step 2: Formal Offer

A genuine offer is made based on the amount we believe your business is worth.

Step 3: Heads of Terms

We’ll create a detailed Heads of Terms for an easier Sale & Purchase Agreement.

Step 4: Due Diligence

Validation of all relevant data to gain a full understanding of your business.

Step 5: Sale & Purchase Agreement

A legal formality with no surprises that signals a completed deal once signed.

Step 6: Integration into Elite Group

Based on the structure of the sale we provide a clear pathway for integration.

Meet the Elite Acquisitions Team

Elite Acquisitions: The Case Studies

Acquisitions form a large part of our growth success and we're still on the hunt for more businesses to bring in to the Elite Group family. Looking to sell your business, but want to find out more about our process? Discover real-life examples of our acquisitions process in action by checking out our acquisition case studies.

Interested in Selling Your Business to Elite

Whether you're looking to sell and want to know how to start the process with us or you're looking for a little more information about our acquisition process, we're here to help. Fill in the contact form and a member of our team will be in touch.

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