Acquisitions, Mergers and Growth

The world is more fast-paced and dynamic than ever. For businesses looking to grow, being able to anticipate and react to these changes is crucial.

A cornerstone of Matt’s business philosophy is the importance of acquisition in achieving this reactivity – and, in turn, growth. In telecoms, as in every other market he has business interests in, Matt has used acquisition to ensure that his businesses are able to adapt to change.

Acquisitions enabled Elite Group to reposition itself in the wake of the emerging Cloud and UC markets. Realising that the demand for fixed-line telephones was one the wane and that new models of service provision were taking hold, Elite Group completed its first buyout, of fellow Lancastrian firm GP Telecoms.

That sparked a burst of activity which, over the next few years, led to Elite Group taking over or partnering with 15 different businesses. Matt’s strategic focus was always clear: to purchase businesses that would give Elite Group the best footing to grow in new and emerging markets.

Looking to enhance Elite Group’s  suite of products, skill-base and experience, and to bring on-board new clients is what guides the acquisition process. By proactively searching for complementary businesses to acquire or integrate into Elite Group, Matt hopes to use acquisitions and mergers to fuel even more growth in the future.

Business acquisition of Nexus becomes part of elite telecom
Business acquisition of Systemhost and Netcentrix become elite telecom
Qualitel part of Elite Group
Elite Group acquisition white paper