Prepare Your Business for the PSTN Switch-Off

Find out what the PSTN Switch-Off means for your business, what services will be impacted and how to future-proof your business with the right solutions

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What is the PSTN Switch Off?

Traditional telephony and broadband connectivity has been supported by a network of analogue copper lines known as the PSTN or the slightly more modern, but still outdated ISDN. This means that all solutions that still rely on PSTN/ISDN will need to move over to solutions that solely run via the internet or fibre technology. The deadline for the Switch-Off is 2025 – but it is a process that will be completed gradually, and it has already begun with the network becoming obsolete in locations around the UK.

If your business still relies on the PSTN/ISDN to power your solutions, the time to move to over to digital solutions is now to avoid your business communications, connectivity and business solutions being affected by the Switch-Off.

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PSTN Switch-Off Jargon Buster

  • PSTN: Public Switched Telephone Network – old network that powers traditional telephone lines and legacy connectivity solutions.
  • ISDN: Integrated Services Digital Network, – old network that transmits both data and voice over a digital line.
  • VoIP: Voice over Internet Protocol – allows you to make and receive calls over the internet.
  • PBX: Private Branch Exchange – the general term used to describe a business telephone system.
  • Stop Sell: the locations where it will no longer be possible to purchase WLR products.
  • FTTC: Fibre to the Cabinet – a broadband connection that runs from your provider to roadside cabinets and connects to your business via a copper wire.
  • FTTP: Fibre to the Premises – fastest type of fibre on the market, offering a dedicated fibre optic cable connection from your local exchange to your business – no copper connections required!
  • SoGEA: Single Order Generic Ethernet Access, a broadband connection that doesn’t require an analogue phone line.
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Why Is It Happening and What Will Replace the PSTN?

The reason the PSTN/ISDN is being shut down is because it no longer serves the needs of the modern world. We’ve moved on from only needing voice capabilities from our business phone system. We’re utilising video calls, instant messaging and other channels that the PSTN or ISDN wasn’t designed to support. We are also demanding more from our connectivity to power a range of business services such as communications, technology, security and more, which copper solutions don’t have the speeds or bandwidth to cope with. Instead, the world is moving on to digital solutions powered by full-fibre connectivity and delivering voice services over the internet.

Not only will moving to internet-based and fibre, digital solutions future-proof your business, it will provide a wealth of new features and opportunities too. From improving communications to boosting productivity, streamlining processes and providing a better experience for your customers, digital solutions have the power to take your business to the next level.

What Solutions Are Affected by the PSTN Switch Off

Discover the legacy solutions that will become obsolete when the PSTN/ISDN is switched off.

Vodafone stress free roaming

ADSL Broadband

A legacy broadband technology that relies on a fixed single phone line connected to the PSTN.

communications solutions that grows with your business


Connected to businesses via legacy copper lines which will become obsolete.

roaming costs can be reduced with an international tariff or bolt-on

Analogue Lines & Calls Services

Any solutions that rely on physical copper lines will need to swap to VoIP.

EE expert advice

Traditional PBX

Relies on a PSTN/ISDN-reliant traditional PBX, so will no longer work if not upgraded to VoIP.

What Solutions Can Replace Business PSTN-Reliant Services?

Not sure which is the best internet-based alternative for your analogue solution? Whether you need to move away from a legacy phone line or a PSTN-reliant connectivity solution, our handy guide shows you which services will become obsolete during the PSTN Switch-Off and the best alternative solution that your business can move to in order to keep your business moving.

Click the download button to check it out now.

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Common Business Services Affected by the Switch-Off

Many key solutions that use the PSTN will need to be replaced by internet-based solutions. This isn’t an exhaustive list of solutions that will be affected by the Switch-Off, but it will give you an idea of the solutions within your business that you will need to change to accommodate the phasing out of the PSTN/ISDN.

  • Legacy broadband connections – ADSL, FTTC, etc.
  • Analogue phone lines
  • Door entry systems
  • Traditional PBX phone systems
  • Emergency lines
  • Alarm systems
  • ATMs
  • Lifts
  • CCTV

The PSTN Switch-Off Timeline

Be one step ahead of the game with key PSTN Switch-Off dates you need to know.


Openreach announces intentions to switch off the PSTN/ISDN in 2025.


Openreach strengthens the fibre network.


Over 200 areas in stop-sale phase - everyone within these areas are unable to add new PSTN/ISDN services.


Nationwide stop-sale by September 2023 - no PSTN services will be available to purchase throughout the UK.


Nationwide stop service - PSTN/ISDN is phased out and all reliant services will become obsolete.

PSTN Switch Off Replacement Services

We're here to make the move from the PSTN to internet-based technology simple, straightforward and cost-effective, by fuelling your digital transformation journey. Our range of products and services provide everything you need to replace or upgrade your existing solutions to future-proof your business, improve your operations and provide the best experience for your customers.

How can the PSTN Switch-Off Benefit Your Business?

The PSTN Switch-Off has the power to kickstart your digital transformation journey.


Lower Costs

Reduced upfront costs and cheaper maintenance and management, compared with legacy, analogue solutions.

4G Flexible Working

Increased Flexibility

Your team can access your solutions from a range of devices in a variety of locations.

Improve productivity

Enhanced Features

Digital solutions offer more advanced features for increased productivity.

When your business grows, your unified communication solution grows with it

Easy Scalability

No physical infrastructure to be installed means scaling your solution is simple and you only pay for what you use.


Case Study - LED Leisure

We helped LED Leisure move away from legacy technology that was slowing down processes and were no longer cost-effective, in favour of digital solutions. Through moving their business to the cloud and transforming their connectivity, we facilitated their digital transformation and future-proofed their business to help them thrive in the digital age.

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