Elite Group Unveils New Chapter

Updated: March 22nd, 2024

Elite Group Announces Business Split and Launch of IT Provider, Netcentrix

We are thrilled to announce that we are embarking on a new chapter of our business’s journey with a business reorganisation within Elite Group and the launch of IT Managed Service Provider, Netcentrix.

Under the leadership of our CEO, Adam Turton, we are charting a new course that will emphasise our commitment to providing unparalleled customer experiences. This transformation represents our unwavering commitment to evolve our service to continue to exceed the expectations of our valued customers.

Re-Introducing Netcentrix

This new era will see the separation of our communications solutions from our IT portfolio of services to form two separate trading companies. As part of this initiative, we are thrilled to re-introduce the Netcentrix brand, which was originally acquired in 2016. Netcentrix will be exclusively focusing on our portfolio of IT solutions and managed services, whilst Elite Group will relinquish these offerings and will, instead, maintain its focus on cloud communications, and contact centre services, including UCaaS, CCaaS, voice and mobile services.

The Netcentrix brand will launch at the beginning of April 2024 and any IT services that are currently being provided by Elite Group will transition over to Netcentrix, in order to offer optimised service delivery and enhanced customer support, delivered by IT experts. 

Leveraging Expertise for Optimised Experiences

By strategically distributing services between Elite Group and Netcentrix, we aim to leverage the unique expertise housed within each business to drive growth and provide the most valuable, knowledgeable service as possible for their respective customers. This approach enables the delivery of specialised and tailored solutions with increased agility, optimising the experience for customers and meeting specific requirements with precision.

This reorganisation hasn’t brought about any redundancies, in fact the launch of Netcentrix and the change of focus for Elite Group, opens up opportunities to expand our team with new talent. Alongside the potential expansion of our team, our new chapter will offer chances for our existing team to grow their skills and develop their careers.

Unified by New Technology Group

Both businesses will operate under the umbrella of New Technology Group (NTG) – a sustainable technology brand created for strategic acquisitions. The introduction of this new brand, the launch of Netcentrix and the reorganisation of Elite Group’s current offerings marks the dawn of a new era of innovation and growth.

Embracing the Future

As we embark on this new transformative journey, CEO of Elite Group, Adam Turton, said:

“This positive change reflects our commitment to offering the best value and providing the best experiences for our customers. Organising our company in this way will allow us to enhance our focus on service delivery, enabling us to offer more value, technology and innovation to both Elite Group and Netcentrix Customers.”