Intelligent Internet of Things Solutions

Intelligent IoT solutions enable you to take your business mobile solutions to the next level. Harness the power of the Internet of Things to drive innovation within your business, connect devices and infrastructure to create workspaces of the future and future-proof your business ready for the PSTN Switch-Off.

Custom built connectivity with Elite Group

Custom Built Connectivity with Intelligent IoT Solutions

As SIM cards are unsteered, they automatically prioritise the strongest network with the highest capacity to provide the best possible connectivity. Tariffs are fully managed with usage alerts as standard. They can be customised to include any amount of data, including data aggregation and international/EU roaming.

Optional add-ons such as Static, Private, and Dynamic IP addresses bring Machine 2 Machine devices alive, enabling remote access, hosting applications, extra security and automatic network configuration.

Connect your business mobile to 5G with Elite

5G Connectivity

5G offers high data rates with huge bandwidth and exceptionally low latency. 5G routers can be rapidly deployed and solutions configured so only 5G networks are selected. The plug and play setup allows businesses to keep applications up and running with dynamic, private static, and public static IPs with 5G hardware designed to handle both outdoor and industrial deployment.

Our team of Mobile Specialists can help you to take advantage of everything 5G  and IoT technology has to offer to level-up your business’s connectivity, improve your processes and your communications.

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Key Features

Choose from a range of powerful and versatile, next-generation SIM cards.

IoT Single Network SIM cards

Business Grade Connectivity that works through a custom-built core network, giving access to the major mobile network operators.

IoT Multi-network SIM card

A totally unsteered data SIM card that roams until it finds the strongest mobile operator signal with the highest capacity, with access to EU roaming.


eSIMs are a next-generation SIM card that are built into a device’s circuitry. They enable a seamless device setup experience without the need to insert or replace a physical SIM card. Store multiple eSIM profiles on a device and easily switch between them.

LPWAN connectivity (Low Power Wide Area Network)

With low power usage and reduced costs, LPWAN enables communication between IoT devices at distances ranging from 3-20kms.

Business Benefits

Multi-network SIM cards automatically find and connect to the strongest signal

Best Data Access Available

Multi-network SIM cards automatically find and connect to the strongest signal with the highest capacity so work can continue without interruption.

Seamless roaming on multi-network SIM cards

Data Roaming

Seamless roaming on multi-network SIM cards means your workforce can always communicate and collaborate.

Access superfast internet speeds

4G and 5G solutions

Access superfast internet speeds and almost real time latency for maximum performance and online experiences.

prevent users from exceeding limits and incurring additional charges

Stay within budgets

Protect the bottom line with usage alerts that prevent users from exceeding limits and incurring additional charges.

Online portal access reports real time data usage


Online portal access reports real time data usage to ensure that connectivity is being used in line with company policy and not exceeding usage limits.

Elite Green Certified Partner

As part of our aim to be a sustainable company, we are committed to partnering with brands whose business practices align with this aim. Our IoT partners' efforts to reduce their impact on the environment contributes to our ability to operate in a more sustainable way.


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Why Choose Us?

Elite are experts in helping businesses collaborate and communicate in a secure, productive, and profitable way, wherever you or your employees are located.


Device locking prevents SIM cards from being removed or tampered with. Static IPs regulate access and host applications while mobile content filtering allows for granular control over how connectivity is used.


As experienced specialists, Elite ensure that problem solving is made simple and provide solutions that facilitate seamless collaboration.


Business-grade coverage streamlines connectivity to give employees a consistent signal connected to the strongest network and with less downtime.


Real-time technology that connects your employees to customers enables the businesses to stay ahead of competitors.


We currently deal direct with EE and O2, as well as Elite, but we were keen to work with just one supplier to simplify things. Out of the companies we currently deal with, it made sense to make Elite our preferred supplier, because with them, we get one dedicated account manager who will always get back to use about our queries very quickly. It also means we will be able to view all of our bills online in one place, making it much simpler to keep track of our spending.

Tony Barnes | Director of GMA Warehousing

Ready to Transform Your Business with IoT Solutions?

Adopting any new technology can seem a bit daunting, especially when it has as many capabilities as IoT. However, not implementing it can deny your business the chance to progress. We're here to help you implement IoT solutions within your business effectively to drive innovation and help you to meet your goals. Ready to start? Get in touch!

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