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Achieve instant presence in over 100 countries and 7,500 cities across the globe with an Elite international number.

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Innovative call management with international phone numbers

Innovative Call Management

Elite is proud to have close, long-term partnerships with multiple global carriers and has built a vast network for international inbound telephone numbers that allow you to have a presence in a wide variety of international locations.

You’re able to answer calls from your native country and have the ability to seamlessly switch to any other destination through our online call management platform. Our service is ideal for global call centres or businesses that want to operate in multiple countries. All without the costs associated with setting up international offices.

Increase the volume of calls to your business

International Toll Free Numbers

With Elite’s International Toll-Free Numbers (ITFN), you can increase the volume of incoming calls by letting overseas callers contact you for free, using numbers that look and behave just like any other local toll-free number.

Moreover, our experienced team will provide you with the best ITFN solution to meet your specific business needs.



Elite Group cover a wide range of international local numbers

International Local Numbers

Our international local numbers allow your business, regardless of its location, to have a local presence in a particular city across the world. Take calls from anywhere, both within and away from the country your business resides in.

We cover a wide range of locations around the globe to provide your business with a wide-reaching global presence. Increasing your presence is simple with an international local number, as you can connect as many non-geographic numbers as you need within one single business telephone number.

UIFN numbers with Elite Group

UIFN Numbers

A Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN) is a single number that can be used  in up to 64 countries throughout Europe, the USA and Asia. The UIFN format begins with 00800 prefix which resembles a toll free number in most countries – a hallmark of respectable international organisations.

UIFNs give your business a local presence on a global scale and allow you to connect with customers anywhere in the world without needing to move or set up new offices.

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Key Features

Build a global presence without the costs.

Enhanced Call Capacity

You are not limited to the number of channels on our inbound call management platform - take full advantage of network capacity.

Advanced Call Analytics

Access advanced call analytics that show call handling efficiencies, such as productivity, call patterns and caller behaviour to enable more informed business decision-making.

Customised Inbound Routing Plans

Build and manage your own call plans according to your business rules and modify them quickly depending on your immediate business needs.

Receive Ongoing, Expert Support

Enjoy peace of mind with our dedicated support team, including your own personal account manager and customer services representatives.

Business Benefits

Simplified cost management with international voice services

Simplified Cost Management

Receive easy-to-read monthly bills via our intuitive and secure online billing portal.

access to your very own account manager

Seamless Number Porting

If you have existing international numbers, porting from one provider to another is easy, meaning a smooth transfer to Elite.

We will find business broadband solutions with your budget in mind

Limitless Scalability

Add more international toll-free or local in-country numbers from the list of available countries, whenever needed and advertise in new markets as your business grows.

Add more international toll-free or local in-country numbers

Easy Installation

Add more international toll-free or local in-country numbers from the list of available countries.

Become an international global brand

Become a Global Brand

Be recognised as a global brand with international toll free or in-country numbers that mask any indication of your business's real location.

Elite Green Certified Partners

As part of our aim to be a sustainable company, we are committed to partnering with brands whose business practices align with this aim. Our partners' efforts to reduce their impact on the environment contributes to our ability to operate in a more sustainable way.


Your Experience is Our Priority

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Why Choose Us?

Elite are experts in helping businesses collaborate and communicate in a secure, productive, and profitable way, wherever you or your employees are located.


With our secure online portal, your security is guaranteed when making changes to your call routing services.


Our Technical Consultants ensure your business can communicate internally and externally anytime, anywhere.


Instantly benefit from a suite of cloud-based call routing and IVR services that reduce costs and enhance staff productivity.


Cloud-based services reduce costs, increase flexibility and control and allow you to engineer improved profitability.


When we looked at our existing suppliers, side-by-side, Elite stood out as the provider who looked after our needs the best. Elite were always available to speak with when we contacted them, ready to offer advice and we had access to a dedicated account manager who ensured our needs were always being met. It made sense that we would look to shift all communications to them.

Tom Robson | Resources and Communication Coordinator

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