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Monitor all your business mobile devices in one place with Elite’s Mobile Device Management that puts you in control without compromising your data security.

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MDM SolutionS from Elite

IBM MaaS360 is an out-of-the-box Mobile Device Management solution that enables the management and security of all devices in a business, including applications and content.

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Mobile Device Management that Puts You in Control

With business no longer being tied to a physical premises, utilising mobile devices enables you to provide flexible working for your team and empower them to be productive from anywhere. However, with your team now taking your data on the go, you need a solution that keeps your business information secure. IBM MaaS360 is the mobile device management solution that allows you to manage the security of data stored and accessed on all devices within your business.

We’ll help you to find the best MDM solution for your needs, so you can provide your team with the flexibility they need without putting your data at risk.

Why is mobile device management so important?

How Does Mobile Device Management Work?

MaaS360 protects your devices, apps and data, so you can provide more flexibility to your team by being able to scale your remote workforce and implement BYOD (bring your own device) initiatives, without compromising your data security.

The solution’s enterprise-grade threat defence can detect and automate corrections on your network and across your apps and devices, for threat-protection you can rely on. With MaaS360, deployment is quick and simple, so you can start protecting your data as soon as possible.

Take control of your data with MDM solutions from Elite

Why is Mobile Device Management so Important?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is vital to enable your team to work flexibly without compromising your data security. MDM enables your business to manage all of your devices, regardless of the type or the operating system it uses, to prevent business-critical data that is stored within your mobile devices from being stolen, hacked into or lost.

An effective Mobile Device Management solution ensures all of your mobile devices are secure, whilst facilitating flexible working for your team.

Work anywhere at any time with Elite

Work Securely From Anywhere

With a secure container that holds all corporate files separate from the rest of the device’s applications employees can work securely without compromising data or device security while simplifying overall IT management.

A Mobile Device Management solution from Elite ensures your employees can collaborate securely and compliantly within a closely monitored environment.

Key Features

Keep Your Data, Devices and Employees Secure.

Remote Device and App Management

Gain visibility and control over iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS devices while distributing, managing and protecting applications.

High Level Analytics

Attain insights and alerts to discover vulnerabilities, boost productivity and improve IT efficiencies.

Policy Recommendation Engine

Apply intelligent recommendations for policies based on peer, regional and industry data and activate User Risk Management to monitor employee behaviour on devices.

Mobile Expense Management

Prevent costly, excessive usage of services by monitoring and enforcing mobile data usage.

Business Benefits

Effortless device management with Elite

Effortless Device Management

MaaS360 offers simple and remote device management from one place. It enables secure BYOD programs, raising productivity and empowering employees to perform tasks on devices they know without compromising security.

We will find business broadband solutions with your budget in mind

Rapid App Deployment

Applications can be managed via a container app that encrypts and manages corporate data without impinging on employee privacy.

MaaS360 provides a safe and secure collaboration platform

Secure Collaboration

MaaS360 provides a collaboration platform on which to share and edit documents with controls so employees can only perform tasks within authorised areas. Employees can also set up meetings and chat via device calendars.


Secure MDM Solution

MaaS360 includes a secure container to keep other device applications separate when employees are working. It also comes with a threat detector that immediately alerts the business in the event of malware or device infiltration.

MaaS360 can enforce automated compliance rules to bolster security

Automated Compliance

MaaS360 can enforce automated compliance rules on connected employee devices, taking actions you specify when rules are broken to further bolster security.


We currently deal direct with EE and O2, as well as Elite, but we were keen to work with just one supplier to simplify things. Out of the companies we currently deal with, it made sense to make Elite our preferred supplier, because with them we get one dedicated account manager who will always get back to use about our queries very quickly. It also means we will be able to view all of our bills online in one place, making it much simpler to keep track of our spending.

Tony Barnes | Director of GMA Warehousing

Mobile Device Management Frequently Asked Questions

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Environmental impact is one of the three pillars of IBM’s ESG impact framework and they are committed to environmental protection across all of their business activities. They have over 50 years of early environmental actions and are continuing to create better pathways to conserve natural resources, reduce pollution and minimise climate-related risks.

Partnering with IBM contributes to our commitment of becoming a sustainable company.


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