MiUC Cloud: The Advanced Business Communications System

15th November 2019

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Today, business communication is much more than just telephones and email.

Why MiUC Cloud

To operate at their maximum, modern businesses need access to a whole range of communication technologies – from instant messaging and file sharing to call recording and IVR.

However, many businesses have ended up using multiple suppliers to deliver these functions. This leads to problems with system integration and, ultimately, problems with communication. Not good – especially since the solutions they’re using are designed to improve communications, not hamper them.

Additionally, implementing solutions over multiple offices, delivering them to multiple workers and making them accessible from multiple devices can also be difficult.

Unified communications technologies are specifically designed to meet all of these challenges.


MiUC Cloud 

MiUC Cloud is a comprehensive, enterprise-grade communications solution which contains everything needed to carry out excellent business communications. This includes:

  • Business VoIP
  • MiCollab cloud collaboration tools (including instant chat, video calling, file sharing, screen sharing, remote viewing, collaborative workspaces and more)
  • Contact centre functionalities (including call forwarding, conference calling, call recording, hunt groups, IVR, instant call routing and more)
  • Detailed analytics (allowing you to continually assess the efficacy of your workers and refine your system set up)
  • Built-in disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Support for a broad range of IP/SIP-enabled phones

Hosted in the cloud, MiUC Cloud eliminates the need to purchase and maintain expensive, on-site equipment. It also makes it easy for you give employees access to exactly the same system no matter where they are located – since all they need to access it is an internet connection. This makes enabling remote and flexible working easier than ever.

MiUC Cloud integrates easily with Skype for Business, Salesforce, Google applications, Outlook applications and many more, meaning any businesses choosing to transition to MiUC Cloud can do so quickly and easily – without having to modify existing systems and processes.

The system can be accessed from desktop, mobile and tablet, and offers the same excellent levels of usability no matter what type of device employees access it from. This allows salespeople to work on the move, makes it easy for employees to carry out their duties when they’re out of the office and supports home/remote working options.

Not bad, eh?


Is MiUC Cloud Your Path to Better Communications?

MiUC Cloud is transforming the way businesses communicate. Here’s how.

It’s Completely Secure and Compliant

Your MiUC Cloud solution will be hosted in secure, Tier 3+ datacentre with optional advanced security measures – including full encryption. The MiUC Cloud system is fully dedicated to you and can be configured as an extension of your private network.

It’s Customisable

MiUC Cloud gives you the flexibility to wrap your business communications solutions around your ideal and existing business processes and workflows. MiUC Cloud integrates easily with Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business, Salesforce, Google and other business applications. Your solution will also fully customisable – ensuring it meets your exact business needs.

It’s Customer Focused

By choosing MiUC Cloud as your next-generation customer care solution, you will give your customers more choice, faster responses, personalised interactions and self-service capabilities that save them time (and save you money).

It’s Reliable

With MiUC Cloud, your communications will never go down because of a single network outage or hardware failure. MiUC Cloud features a high-availability deployment or available geo-redundancy for enhanced disaster recovery and additional availability of service.

It Saves You Money

Enterprises can realise big savings by moving their communications to cloud. MiUC Cloud features valued bundle pricing to minimise licensing costs and a scalable pay-as-you-grow model that ensures enterprises do not pay for capacity they do not need. You can quickly add new users, connect new offices or activate new features – and do it all while driving down your communications and customer care costs

It Saves You Time

MiUC Cloud can be quickly deployed and supports a global footprint. Once deployed, your IT department will no longer have to spend hours provisioning, maintaining and upgrading hardware and software. MiUC Cloud is available as a completely managed service in the cloud; Mitel maintains the virtual environment (including the hardware) and provisions the extra capacity when needed.

Want to find out more about MiUC Cloud? Check out our brochure.

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