Is Your IT Department Straining Under the Burden of Housekeeping?

24th January 2020

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What is it that strikes fear into your organisation when it comes to your IT? Your office server goes down when you’re already struggling to meet a deadline? Your IT system is at risk of being infected with malware causing disruptive downtime as you patch all computers? Your internet disconnects just as you’re about to host an important meeting over Skype? All the above?



The focus for today’s businesses is always on keeping operational. Downtime is feared because of the loss of revenue, either due to reputational damage or to decreased productivity. Gartner found that the hourly cost of network downtime could be as much as $300,000 (£230,000).

But what is the best way of boosting the resilience of your local network when your IT department is already straining under the weight of IT tickets and troubleshooting network problems?

A hosted desktop service could be the most cost effective and reliable solution for you.

What is a Hosted Desktop?

With a hosted desktop solution, you retain control of your IT system while reducing the need to manage it. It involves a resilient browser-based/cloud connection to a desktop environment which is hosted from a central location, usually a secure data centre. It allows users to access their desktops from any device whether PC, laptop, tablet or even smartphone, giving them unprecedented freedom and flexibility of work. Greater cost control, reduction in downtime, and increased productivity are three of the main benefits of the hosted desktop that we’ll explore a bit further in this blog.

Greater Control of Costs

With all desktops hosted from an external server, you can turn IT into an Opex model, removing capital expenditure in depreciating hardware that can stifle cash flow. You can host multiple computers without them being physically there, meaning that hardware costs are reduced over time, while software licensing costs can be managed centrally. During peak times resources can be scaled up to respond to increased demand or scaled back when you need to eliminate the costs associated with overprovisioning.

Reduction in Downtime

When desktops are hosted via an external server, you don’t have to worry about a system crash destroying your work. Whether it’s a software update or malware patching, you can make changes to multiple desktops instantaneously which eliminates any downtime. Due to the 24/7 nature of the hosted desktop, patches can even be done offline, delivering a higher resolution to malware.

Increased Workforce Productivity

Unprecedented freedom and flexibility are key attributes of the ‘always on’ hosted desktop solution. It’s much easier to simplify internal processes and reduce the time spent locating important documents. Data can be centralised, thus creating better opportunities for collaboration. Imagine being able to leave the office with all your documents still open and later connect via a different device with everything as you left it? With the hosted desktop this is possible.

These operational time and cost savings mean that valuable resources can be refocused elsewhere to improve innovation and productivity.

You can benefit from choosing solutions from the best hosted desktop providers with Elite Group. We are certified partners with Microsoft, Citrix Systems and VMware and have very close relationships with industry experts putting us at the forefront of cutting-edge, hosted desktop technology.

Our powerful and scalable hosted desktop solutions will increase productivity, reduce overheads and build flexibility into your business.

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