Is a Leased Line the Answer to Your Connectivity Problems?

13th January 2020

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A reliable and fast internet connection is now so fundamental to the modern business, many wouldn’t survive without one. Yet connectivity problems are one of the everyday issues we hear about at Elite Group.

According to the Federation for Small Businesses Lost Connection report, a third of small companies (33 percent) are receiving download speeds of less than 10mbps, which is inadequate for today’s, let alone future, requirements. Shockingly, a third of companies said poor broadband stopped them from contacting or being contacted by existing or potential new clients.

To what extent is a poor broadband connection affecting your business?

Is your connection flagging as your headcount increases? Are you getting irritated by your Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls dipping in and out? Are you struggling to maintain a solid connection for transferring increasingly large amounts of data? Would you like to offer a robust connection to your office servers to enable your staff to work remotely? Will your business cope with the additional bandwidth needed to allow your staff to make voice and video calls simultaneously?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, then a leased line may be right for your business.

What is a Leased Line?

A leased line is a dedicated internet connection between the user and the local exchange, providing voice – Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) – and data in one fully managed, enterprise-grade service. Usually delivered over fibre at speeds anywhere from 10mb to 10gb (10,000mb), leased lines remove the challenges associated with limited bandwidth for your high-powered broadband needs. Whether it’s hosting a website, accessing business critical applications simultaneously, enabling access to your office servers for remote workers or using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), a leased line provides a secure and reliable connection available only to you rather than shared with your neighbour.

A Big Boost to Collaborative Working

Broken lines and interruptions can quickly put a stop to collaborative working. As well as distancing colleagues, it is also likely to lose you customers as response times increase. For example, how often have you attempted a video conference with a prospect or a colleague, but it’s been thwarted by slow internet speeds causing latency and jitter? Not only does this create a productivity headache for you, but it can also be damaging to your reputation. Heavy content video applications require steady speeds and low latency, which a traditional broadband connection struggles to deliver, especially at peak usage times.

With a dedicated internet connection, a leased line can deliver high data transfer speeds, completely unaffected by the activities of others. It gives your staff the tools to be more productive and responsive to customers, allowing your business to run more efficiently and to be able to collaborate more closely.

Bring Greater Resilience to Your Business

The potential costs of internet downtime are growing in significance. Resilience and reliability are essential to daily operations. Elite Group allows you to create a bespoke design and payment plan with flexible bandwidth that allows for growth.

Security is taken care of with a team of technical engineers and support teams managing the network, rather than taking up the resources of skilled people in-house. Elite Group also has a host of options for managed firewalls, remote worker and VPN solutions. It allows for real-time data back up without any downtime as security of the network is paramount.

Lower Cost of Ownership

The cost of leased lines is decreasing as broadband prices rise. A vendor such as Elite Group will lower your cost of ownership and reduce costs. By combining voice and data traffic to leverage your communications potential, you can reduce the need for expensive, resource draining systems.

Elite Group will monitor and manage your leased line to ensure your business is always running at its optimal level, with appropriate Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in place. It will also give you access to 24/7 technical support, so any problems you do encounter can be dealt with quickly. The focus will always be on keeping your business operational.

Elite Group is the UK’s leading unified communications provider. We supply businesses with a range of next generation communication technologies – including leased lines.