Business Phone Systems And The Communication Revolution Of The Future

5th June 2020

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Where Does Your Office Phone System Sit And Where Does It Need To Be?

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Over the years Business phone systems have been on a rapid technological journey, even more so in recent times with the advent of cloud-based business telephone systems. For many gone are the days of the traditional handset and physical dialling systems, now many office telephone systems are fully integrated within online tech and collaboration systems.

It’s pretty much impossible to imagine how anyone can do business without a phone system today and although they have been around well over 100 years, advances are more rapid than ever. Office phone systems are the lifeblood of companies worldwide and with the need for greater competitiveness and productivity, communications are becoming more sophisticated and intuitive than ever before.

Alexander Graham Bell was the one who invented “talking through wires”. The words which he first spoke on the phone were addressed to his assistant Mr Watson “Mr Watson–come here–I want to see you.”

His Centennial Model is so labelled because it was first demonstrated on June 25, 1876, at the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia. Bell said to the public that he would show them “something which would speak”.

What Alexander Graham Bell could never have envisaged was just how far we would come with communications in the time since his first ‘talking through wires’ invention.

Elite Group has numerous options available when it comes to business and office phones systems, with the most advanced technology and support at their core.


Business and Office Telephone Systems

Cloud Hosted Phone Systems

Our hosted telephone system solution enables your business to utilise and take advantage of your existing full feature set, with added flexibility and scalability.

Elite Group will handle call routing and switching, as well as all maintenance involved in the hosted telephone system service. This means you can relax in the knowledge that your hosted telephone system is being monitored and maintained by our first-rate technical and support teams.

High Quality Hosted Phone Systems. Reduced Costs

A hosted telephone system is a fully integrated communications solution that unifies your systems’ and links multiple sites, giving your business the scalability and flexibility that you need today and in the future. Gain access to Elite Group’s first-class telephony system, reduce costs and increase business productivity.

We’re sure one of our packages will suit your needs. We can provide you with a complete telephone system review or a simple free of charge, no-obligation quote. All our telephone systems are high quality, feature-rich and ready to go.

Fully Integrated and Cost-Effective Cloud Phone System

When you choose a cloud phone system with Elite Group, you receive a fully integrated communications solution that will unify your existing systems, link multiple sites and facilitate remote working.

Cloud phone systems route calls through your data connection rather than relying on traditional infrastructure. This means that it is possible to reduce the cost of calls.

Elite Group will manage all call routing and switching, ensuring there is minimal disruption to your business. Afterwards, our expert engineers provide ongoing maintenance and support, freeing up resources within your business.

Boost Image. Eliminate Boundaries

Ideal for home-workers and salespeople, a VoIP phone system will allow your staff to work from any location without any additional costs. It will combine all the features of your phone system onto a virtual platform, hosted and maintained by us – allowing your IT department to focus on more pressing issues.

A hosted telephone system with Elite Group will boost your business image through the perception that you are a much larger organisation with a high-quality, integrated phone system. Run your businesses to the highest standards with collaboration tools, softphones, mobile clients, omni-channel contact centre plus all the standard features of an on-premise telephone system.

Hybrid Telephone Systems

Our hybrid telephone system solutions give you the benefits and enterprise-level features associated with Hosted and VoIP – including DDI, voicemail, conference calling and industry-leading IVR – while allowing you to retain complete control and ownership of your existing hardware.

A hybrid telephone system solution makes it easy to transition to a hosted solution without making existing hardware redundant.

Location Benefits and Enterprise-Level Features

Hybrid telephone system solutions excel in situations where businesses have remote or secondary offices. Hybrid telephone system allows you to deploy new sites without investing in new infrastructure whilst maintaining your existing hardware.

Our hybrid telephone system also gives you access to a range of additional features and functionalities. These are often unavailable to those using a traditional telephony solution and include omnichannel and a suite of collaboration tools.

Disaster Recovery

It’s critical that businesses are able to continue operating in the event of a disaster. By giving you the ability to re-route calls to an alternative destination – whether that’s a landline or a mobile – with just the click of a button, we ensure that you’re able to continue taking calls no matter what the circumstances are.

Our intuitive web portal makes it easy for you to modify call routing plans so that your business will experience minimum downtime. To further safeguard against service failure, your service will be backed up in a separate datacentre in another location, ensuring optimum fail-over.

Onsite Telephone Systems

By keeping your hardware on-site, you retain control of every element of your telephony system. Our onsite telephone system solutions include a comprehensive feature list, including DDI, voicemail, conference calling, call control, messaging and more.

We will work with you to deliver a telephone system that meets your needs today and in the future.

Customised Solutions. Rich Feature List

Our onsite telephone systems are fully integrated communications solutions designed to give you access to industry-leading functionalities, reduce costs and give you complete control. Whether you need call control, collaboration, mobility, call management, voicemail, messaging or analytics, you can mix and match to create the ideal solution for you.

Easy-to-use, our onsite telephone system solutions are designed to match your business’s specific needs and can be integrated with your existing CRM system. This allows your employee to access features such as call popup, click to dial and call recording logging quickly and easily.

Complete Control. Expert Training and Support

Ideal for businesses which have a requirement to retain complete control over their telephony systems, our onsite telephone systems give businesses the best of both worlds: control and expert training and support. Our team of expert engineers and support staff will provide excellent pre- and post-sales support, as well as onsite training to ensure you understand every element of your phone system.

We work alongside the UK’s leading telephony suppliers. This means that you will always receive the most appropriate package and that your solution matches your specific business requirements.

Cloud Hosted Contact Centre

Elite Group is one of the UK’s leading contact centre solution providers and is perfectly positioned to provide cloud hosted contact centre solutions for your business.

Our cloud hosted contact centre solution makes it easy to expand your customer service capabilities, implement self-service IVR, access enterprise-level features and functionalities and cost-effectively manage calls to and from a single call centre or multiple geographically disperse call centres. All without major capital expenditure spend.

Our CHCC is PBX agnostic with a variety of ways to connect your current phone system, meaning easier and faster integration.

A hosted contact centre will ensure business continuity and customer service resiliency in the event of a network outage.


Our CHCC solutions offer a range of essential inbound features. These include sophisticated IVR, skills-based routing, script building, smart queue-buster features, automated call-back options, screen popping, voice recording and more.

We allow for complete CRM integration using rich CTI services and offer web-based wallboards displaying agent productivity and performance against SLAs – making it easier than ever to monitor and improve your interactions with customers.

Additionally, our real-time campaign and queue management function allow you to manage and improve inbound activity as it happens, which means you can respond to any issues and improve performance in real-time.


CHCC with Elite Group gives you access to powerful predictive and preview dialer features. These incorporate lead management tools, as well as campaign and script editor capabilities.

As well as predictive dial and preview dial modes, you will also benefit from auto-preview dial mode, list management, customisable filters, agent scripting, multi-number dialling, list loader, lead management, CLI presentation and real-time queue management.

By giving your agents access to these tools, you equip them with everything they need to carry out their roles in the most effective and productive fashion. This ensures that your outbound campaigns are properly executed and deliver outstanding results.

Advanced Call Routing

Designed to give you full control, our hosted contact centre makes it easy for you to decide how calls are routed. Whether you wish to limit the number of concurrent calls delivered to a call centre or agent team, to route calls to different locations at different times of day, to ensure the longest waiting caller is always prioritised or to make sure that calls are directed to the agent with the most appropriate skill set, you will be able to.

Our secure web portal is fully brandable, easy to navigate, and allows you to change the destination of each call at the touch of a button.

Analytics and Reporting

With our hosted contact centre, you can view detailed historical or real-time data for multiple Omnichannel campaigns quickly and easily. Extensive search and filtering capabilities make finding desired information simple, and a customisable dashboard ensures you’re monitoring the most critical metrics effectively.

Providing over 35 standard reports, as well as a highly sophisticated reporting module that allows users to create their own custom reports, our CHCC analytics and reporting make it easy for users to choose what they want to see in a format that suits them (whether that’s a simple table and graphical chart). Additionally, post-call surveys allow you to track customer experience in an on-going fashion.

Disaster Recovery Management

Traditionally, disaster recovery involved deploying a duplicate on-premise call centre. This is expensive and often unreliable. When you choose a hosted contact centre solution, you safeguard productivity and ensure business continuity.

Our disaster recovery service makes it easy for you to reroute calls to any location – so long as it is equipped with an internet connection, a web browser and a phone. This means agents can continue to operate from an alternative location or from their own homes. Each inbound number can be independently configured, or numbers can be grouped and jointly configured. Your pre-configured disaster recovery plan can be implemented via the web portal or using a dialup management number.

Maintenance and Support

A maintenance package from Elite Group will give you the assurance and peace of mind that any problems you have with your phone system will be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Our priority is to ensure your business stays operational. That’s why all our customers receive industry-leading SLAs and out-of-hours support.

Our support and customer service agents possess an in-depth knowledge of all our products and services. This means that whatever maintenance and support requirements you may have, Elite Group will have you covered.

Industry-Leading Specialists

Our dedicated technical support team are available 24/7 to address any issues you may have. We ensure that our technical support staff possess a comprehensive knowledge of each of the products so that, whoever you speak to, you can be sure they know your solution inside out.

Not only will we maintain your system, we will also continuously advise your business on how it can modify and enhance it – as well as evaluate new technologies that have become available.

We understand that you want to get the most out of your solution and budget. That’s why we pair our consultative account management service with all our maintenance packages.

Rapid Repairs. Peace of Mind

With nearly two decades in the communications industry, Elite Group is well-placed to deliver first-rate customer support. Often, we are able to fix any issues remotely. When this isn’t possible, we will deploy one of our technical support teams so that you’re up and running in no time.

We know how important it is that your solution works. For every hour that you experience technical problems, you can expect huge disruption to your business. When you get an Elite Group maintenance package, you can be sure that we will work proactively to keep your solution operational and, if something does go wrong, we will get you functioning as quickly as possible

What would Alexander Graham Bell Think?

He would be pretty chuffed that his invention has now become something the entire world can no longer do without. His ‘talking through Wires’ has led to better, more effective communication and productivity for business phone systems across the globe.


If you’re looking for an office telephone system Elite Group has all your bases covered with the latest in technology keeping business more productive and profitable.