8 Reasons Why Businesses Should Choose an Independent Mobile Provider

When it comes to choosing the right business mobile provider, many businesses are confused. To help, we have identified eight key reasons why we believe choosing an independent provider is often the right move.

1) Independence and Impartiality
Independent providers are impartial. They do not have any quotas to fill and will only propose the most effective network for your business from both a cost and usability perspective.

2) Personal Account Management
The major UK networks are multinational companies with millions of accounts to manage on an ongoing basis. This means they cannot deliver the same level of account management as an independent provider. Each Elite Group client is assigned a personal account manager who can be contacted directly by phone or email. This enables any issues to be dealt with promptly by someone who knows you and your business inside out.

3) Leading Network Partnerships
Elite Group holds the highest level of partner relationships with the leading networks. This enables us to scour the market for the best available deals for your business. As a trusted partner, networks will provide us with the best commercials available, allowing us to propose offers from several different networks so that you have a choice.

4) Regular Account Reviews
It’s impossible for networks to undertake regular reviews of your account. Indeed, you may not receive any reviews during your contract tenure. Elite Group undertakes quarterly reviews to ensure that your solution remains fit for purpose

5) Ongoing Account Analysis
Elite Group will continually monitor your usage throughout your contract tenure in order to spot any unwanted spending that falls outside of your bundle. This is often a time consuming process. Networks are reluctant to do this as it is beneficial to them if you spend outside of your package, as this often incurs big charges.

6) An Impartial Contact
Dealing with networks and network issues can be a frustrating experience. As an independent provider, Elite Group will act as a third-party authority on your account, dealing with any issues on your behalf and taking away the stress of managing your contract.

7) Unified Communications
As a leading unified communications provider, Elite Group can advise you on the full spectrum of businesses communications. This allows you to link your mobiles, landlines and IT equipment to ensure that you work smarter and benefit from cost and time savings.

8) Understanding You and Your Company
Through regular contact with you and your team, independent providers will strive to achieve a thorough understanding of your company, your ethos and how work with your best interests in mind.

Elite Group is the leading unified communications provider. We deliver an unrivalled next generation product portfolio to businesses looking to increases efficiency, cut costs and achieve a better ROI.