Business Flights

The Background

Business Flights provides a comprehensive range of travel services, including first class and business class flights, premium economy flights, discounted hotels and holiday deals to all major destinations in the world.

It aims to provide very competitive prices, and the firm is a specialist in last minute travel often at up to 50% of the published fares. Headquartered in London, Business Flights employs over 30 dedicated and experienced staff delivering the highest level of customer service.

Following a referral from another client, Elite was asked by Mohammad Iqbal, CEO of Business Flights to review his telephony system, connectivity and security to see whether it could be doing a better job for customers.

The Challenge

The telephone system was quite old and the company wanted to bring it up to date and provide additional reporting functionality that the legacy system could not provide without costly software updates.

In particular, the old system did not allow for call recording or monitoring.

Broadband connectivity was out of date and not as fast as the business would have liked.

The business had legacy BT ISDN services for inbound & outbound calls, ISDN services are due be discontinued in the near future.

Security was separate and the business wanted a seamless security solution across its telephone and IT systems.

Ideally the business wanted a secure offsite solution and a secure data connection with more bandwidth to assist with the future implementation of cloud based services.

The Solution

Elite demonstrated its unified communications and capabilities in a simple, jargon-free way, focusing on what would be the business benefits of using Elite’s system.

We quickly and efficiently implemented our hosted telephony solution over our own proprietary network:

Allowing for inbound and outbound call recording.

Immediately improving broadband connectivity by delivering a dedicated leased line on Elite’s own core network.

With state-of-the-art security provided as a wrap around for the service.

The solution gives Business Flights a dedicated leased line on Elite’s core network which is integrated into the system provider and Elite’s data centre.

Elite’s Core Network allows us to deliver affordable, highly secure and highly reliable connectivity with quality of service guaranteed.

Business Flight’s firewall is on premise but has the option to be hosted in one of Elite’s datacentres if desired.

The Result

With improved monitoring and reporting with the new system the business now has the ability to:

  • See the number of calls staff are making and can therefore set targets and rotas more effectively
  • Use recorded calls to assess staff performance and implement training when required.
  • Listen to calls and establish why some leads are successful and others fail to convert.
  • Ensure staff are consistently promoting the company message.
  • Have a record of what was said and when at instant retrieval.
  • Comply with important regulations i.e. FSA and PCI DSS compliance.
  • View live data and statistics to make accurate business decisions i.e.should they hire more customer service staff, adjust rotas in busy periods.
  • Better, faster broadband connection has allowed for improved connectivity and the business has experienced no downtime in customer service.
  • The new reporting capabilities of the system have meant that the business can monitor how effective its marketing campaigns are being by tracking responses to certain dedicated marketing campaign numbers.
  • Importantly, the end-to-end solution means the business does not have to work with many different suppliers, for example, one providing voice, one the phone system, another connectivity, and an IT firm to provide security. Elite’s solution is seamless and the buck stops with us – so Mohammad and his team only have to deal with one company with 24/7 support for all their telephony and connectivity needs.

The solution has provided a more flexible and bespoke system which has resulted in lower operating costs, and enabled the customer service team to work more effectively.

Future proof and scalable – the firm has the ability to host its firewall in Elite’s datacentre in the future if this is required as the firm grows. It also has the ability to increase the number of users or upgrade software simply and cost effectively as part of the hosted, fully-managed solution.

More assured business continuity with a single point of contact for all connectivity and telephony – Business Flights now has the added reassurance, should there be a more serious problem, that they only need to make one call to ensure that the issue is resolved and business continuity is maintained.

Mohammad Iqbal, CEO, Business Flights said “Our old telephone system worked fine, but by reviewing what was on offer we now have a much more advanced and flexible system with improved connectivity that is fully secure and managed by one point of contact. Not having to deal with multiple providers has saved me considerable time and money already. The more advanced reporting features and the ability to now record inbound and outbound calls is giving me greater insight into my agents’ skills and enables me to see immediately which marketing campaigns are the most effective. The move from the old system to the new was far simpler than I thought it would be and I am delighted with the outcome. The Elite team is great to work with; they explained everything in simple language, always demonstrating how the new technology would help me achieve my business goals better.”

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