The top 5 benefits of Teams Talk direct routing with Elite Group

Updated: January 19th, 2024

How Can a Teams Talk Direct Routing Package Benefit Your Business?

Did you know that over one million organisations use Microsoft Teams as their chosen internal communications platform? With its user-friendly interface, high-quality multi-channel communication and range of integrated productivity tools, it’s no surprise why Microsoft Teams it’s one of the most popular communication platforms on the market. However, there is a way to leverage the advanced features of Microsoft Teams to allow access to outstanding external communications, alongside the existing benefits this solution provides for your workforce.

Microsoft Direct Routing is a solution that transforms Microsoft Teams into a fully-functional, VoIP business phone system. As well as the features familiar to Microsoft Teams users, your business has the ability to make external calls across devices, directly from the Teams platform, at the touch of a button. Our Microsoft Direct Routing solutions are available in 3 simple packages that allow you to consolidate the features you need within one solution.

From improving customer experiences to enabling hybrid working without compromising standards of service or call quality, there are a wealth of benefits for businesses to take advantage of. So, we’re going to explore the top 5 to give you a taste of how a Teams Talk package can work for you.

What is Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

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Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is a UCaaS solution elevates the Microsoft Teams application from an internal communication platform into a fully-functioning business phone system. It works by connecting your Microsoft Teams platform to your PBX. With the PSTN swich-off on the horizon, Microsoft Teams Direct Routing can enable access to a feature-rich business phone system without reliance on the PSTN, as it is an internet-based communication solution. Once connected, users can place and receive both internal and external calls directly within the Microsoft Teams application.

What are Teams Talk Direct Routing Packages?

Every business’s communication requirements are different, so it’s only right to choose a communications solution that fits those requirements, so you’re only paying for the features you actually use. Our Teams Talk packages allow you to take advantage of the benefits that Microsoft Direct Routing can provide, within a package that combines the features your business needs. There are three packages for you to choose from. Here is a quick overview of each package:

  • Teams Talk: A range of call management features, including ring groups, call queueing and auto-attendant.
  • Teams Talk Pro: Integrates all the features of Teams Talk with in-depth call analytics and non-geographic numbers.
  • Teams Talk Premium: All of the features of Teams Talk Pro, alongside call recording and the option to add on additional call storage.

What are the Benefits of a Teams Talk Package from Elite Group?

So, now we’ve covered what Microsoft Direct Routing is and how you can tailor the features of this solution by choosing the right package for your needs, let’s jump into how a Teams Talk Package can benefit your business!

1)      Improved Cost-efficiency

Teams Talk packages are more cost-effective compared to traditional telephony solutions, thanks to its reduced reliance on hardware that can be expensive to maintain and run. Furthermore, as you can choose a package that best suits your needs, there’s no need to spend on features that you won’t use. International calls are cheaper, which makes it an ideal solution for businesses who operate globally.

2)      Feature-rich Telephony

Microsoft Teams is already a central hub for communication and collaboration within many businesses. It’s combination of multi-channel communication, including video calls, instant message and conferencing, and productivity tools makes it the perfect tool to foster effective teamwork. Direct routing seamlessly integrates a voice service within a feature-rich platform that your workforce is already familiar with, which means less time is spent onboarding and training your team. Your employees can take advantage of all the features Microsoft Teams has to offer with the added function of external telephony.

3)      Scalable Solution

Teams Talk packages are perfect for growing businesses, as you can easily expand your communication infrastructure as you scale your team. Onboarding new users is seamless – simply add new seats to your contract, install the application onto your business devices and you’re good to go! Whether you’re adding new individual users or new office sites, Teams Talk packages accommodate the ever-evolving requirements of your business.

Own a business where demand fluctuates depending on the time of year, for example retail or travel? Scaling your deployment is simple to either increase or decrease your users is simple, which means you’re only paying for the seats that you are using.

4)      Reliable Communication

Enabling calls through Microsoft Teams offers better call quality compared to traditional landline telephony. Teams Talk also allows you to service large volumes of calls, so your team can always be on hand to work together effectively and service your customers efficiently. As the application can be installed on range of devices, your team can work from anywhere and still provide an efficient customer experience, as well as interact with colleagues on the go.

Direct routing can be configured with redundancy and failover mechanisms to ensure continuous communication in the event of a network outage or equipment failure. Furthermore, when you work with a knowledgeable provider to manage your Teams Talk package, you have access to expert support; so, should the worst happen, you have the help you need to fix any issues and keep your business moving.

5)      Compliance and Security

Direct routing enables businesses to maintain compliance with national and international regulation. Working with an accredited provider who have earned the necessary certifications for security, means that your voice services adhere to regulatory requirements.

With enhanced security controls, such as encryption and multi-factor authentication, your voice communications are effectively protected. Direct routing allows the flexibility for businesses to implement security protocols that align with your specific needs and compliance standards.

Leverage the Power of a Teams Talk Package with Elite Group

We are proud to be a Microsoft Solutions Partner, which has been achieved through the knowledge and experience demonstrated by our specialists and the standard of service we provide to our customers. Our specialists take the time to understand your business and its unique requirements, before finding the perfect Teams Talk package to meet those requirements. Once implemented, we’ll be on hand to provide support, whenever you need it, and to help you to get the most out of your Teams Talk solution.

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