Liv Appleton

Technology Content Marketing Executive Liv joined the Elite Group team in 2021, as our technology copywriter, before progressing to her current role as our Content Marketing Executive in 2022. Liv has a strong background in the field of technology and leverages deep industry knowledge across a range of topics to create informative, insightful, and educational content to guide businesses towards effective technology adoption. Liv is committed to bringing up to date information on the latest technology, reporting on industry trends and providing advice to empower customers to make the most of everything their technology solutions have to offer.

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Can Unified Communications Future-Proof Your Business?

As technology continues to evolve, businesses everywhere are keen to onboard new systems and new ways of working to ensure they can keep up with the f...


What is Unified Communications? (UC)

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Connectivity & Networking

Opportunity Calls: 5 Key Benefits of the PSTN Switch Off

How Can Your Business Benefit From the PSTN Switch Off? The PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) is the system of analogue lines that has been pow...

Business Insights

How to Use Technology to Provide Unforgettable Customer Experiences

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Cloud & IT

Cyber Security: Safeguarding Your Business in a Digital Battleground

Bolstering your knowledge of cyber security threats is incredibly important, but also taking steps to proactively audit your current operations to ide...

Elite News

Paying it Back | Our Commitment to Making a Difference

Whether it’s hosting a coffee morning with homemade cakes or taking on a charity skydive, both as a business and individually, we are committed to s...