Microsoft Teams Features Improving Collaboration

Updated: January 5th, 2024

What are the Latest Microsoft Teams Features?

Since its inception, Microsoft Teams has revolutionised the way we communicate and collaborate, allowing a plethora of features to enhance everything we do in the workplace. Ongoing improvements are being delivered all the time, so let’s take a look at some of the existing and up-coming features.

The New Microsoft Teams App

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To keep on top of the latest trends and security measures, Microsoft has offered an update to its wildly popular Teams platform, presenting a more streamlined, easy-to-use tool that is as easy on the eye as it is useful. Subtle design changes lend to a more minimalist tone in some areas, while everything remains incredibly simple to navigate, for a pick-up-and-go experience, even for new users.

But Microsoft has made significant changes “under the hood” too – thanks to some impressive technical refinements, the company now claims the Teams application is twice as fast as previous versions, while only using half the memory, making for a more reliable and efficient collaborative experience for all involved.

Meet app

For individuals and companies that need to attend a lot of meetings, keeping track of everything that has been raised, and everything due to be raised, can be a time-consuming chore. But the new Meet app in Microsoft Teams is here to change that. Rather than relying on taking physical notes, or opening a secondary app to write things down, the Meet app allows you to schedule and label each meeting and tag the relevant notes, so you’ll always know what each meeting was about and can refer back to any meeting you like quickly and easily.

Users and colleagues are also able to pin important files or ‘to-be-read’ materials others will need to prepare for the meeting in question, so nobody misses out on any essential information.

Live Translated Transcript

Large businesses working across international borders often feature multi-lingual teams and it can be difficult to fully include all these teams in meetings consistently when there is a language barrier. In the same breath, meetings with those from other nations who do not share the same language can create a divide and make it difficult to present complex information during meetings. 

However, Microsoft Teams’ live translated transcript solves this issue, offering clear and accurate translations in real-time, so everyone can understand the context of the conversation, no matter their language. With 30 languages to choose from, users will be spoiled for choice.

Collaborative Notes

Taking notes in meetings is an essential step in keeping track of the agenda, completed tasks and tasks left to do. However, when taken individually, there can be some disconnect between tasks that are yet to be completed by specific users. Collaborative Notes in Microsoft Teams allow users to share and collaborate on meeting notes for full clarity in every meeting.

Not only that, but Collaborative Notes automatically syncs with the Microsoft To-Do and Microsoft Planner, so all users will always have full clarity on outstanding tasks and never miss an important item moving forward.

Town Hall

Large-scale online meetings are becoming more and more common with the scalability of meeting technologies and internet speeds offering the capability to house many attendees at once. The latest Microsoft Town Hall allows users to host meetings with up to 10,000 attendees concurrently, with useful features such as the ability to manage what each attendee can see, as well as a green room for viewing or waiting attendees, amongst others.

For those of you willing to opt for the Premium service, your Town Halls will be able to host a staggering 20,000 attendees at once, with full Q and A support.

Make the Most of Microsoft Teams with Elite Group

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