Raising the Bar | Celebrating Another Successful ISO Audit

Updated: July 10th, 2024

We’re Delighted to Have Successfully Passed Our Annual ISO Audit

It’s been a really busy time for our Compliance Manager, Melissa Carter and our team as the company has been preparing for our annual ISO audit. All of that hard work has clearly paid off, as we are beyond thrilled to announce that we passed all of our accreditations, which include: ISO 9001, 45001, 22301 and 27001. We’d like to say a huge congratulations to Melissa and everyone who was involved in our successful retention of our ISO accreditations.

Change in ISO Standards

ISO audits are never an easy feat, but this year we had to contend with the new version of the 27001 standard. ISO standards are reviewed and updated every 5-7 years to reflect changes in technology and/or legislation to ensure that they are always up to date. This new standard was only released in April 2023, so we were one of a handful of companies in the UK to be audited to the new standard since its launch. We were delighted to learn that we passed this new accreditation without any non-conformances, of which we are incredibly proud. This success demonstrates our commitment to ensuring our processes are efficient, our security measures are robust, that the health, safety and well-being of our employees is paramount and ensures we’re providing the best service for our customers.

What Do Our ISO Accreditations Mean for You?

Raising the Bar | Celebrating Another Successful ISO Audit

We currently hold four ISO accreditations – let’s break down what they cover, why they are important to the business and our objectives, and what they mean for you.

ISO 9001 | Quality Management

This accreditation highlights the quality of our management system. It evidences that our service follows an efficient and professional structure. It also demonstrates that we are providing consistently efficient, high-quality experiences for our customers.

ISO 27001 | Information Security

Today, security is a top priority for all businesses to keep both business and customer data protected. This standard ensures that our processes, people and technology all align with best practices to keep our data secure. It also ensures that we have established, implemented, monitored, reviewed and continually improved our information security standards. It provides peace of mind for our customers that their data is heavily protected and demonstrates our commitment to implementing strengthened information security processes and always following best practices.

ISO 22301 | Business Continuity Management

ISO 22301 demonstrates that we implement, maintain and improve or management system to both reduce the chances and respond effectively to any business disruption. It proves that we have effective processes and resources in place to keep our business going and continue to provide and outstanding service to our customers, regardless of any issues we may encounter.

ISO 45001 | Health & Safety

Our people are our number one priority, so this accreditation is incredibly important. ISO 45001 ensures that our workplace is safe and that we are committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment for our team and anyone who visits our offices. Obviously, we are committed to taking care of our team and making sure that they can work in a safe environment. Furthermore, this accreditation demonstrates that we are committed to creating a workplace where our team feel comfortable and cared for.

Huge Congratulations and Thank You to Our Amazing Team

This success would not be possible without the hard work of our team. However, there are a few particular individuals who we would like to congratulate and say an extra special ‘thank you’ to for their hard work preparing for this audit.

  • Our outstanding Compliance Manager, Melissa Carter for her impeccable organisation, dedication and all of the efforts she contributed to both the preparation and handling of the audit itself.
  • Compliance Consultant, Paul Bachen for his dedication to the internal audits and assistance with our documented processes.
  • Internal IT Manager, Jack Everson, for his support with mastering the new requirements of the new ISO 27001 standard.
  • Chief Technology Officer, Greg Voller and COO, Alex Cliffe, for their ongoing support during preparations for the audit.
  • Front of House and IT Coordinator, Emily Hampson, for her support in keeping us safe, taking care of our facilities and for looking after our auditor in the two weeks he was on site.
  • The Marketing team, for producing content that impressed our auditors and provided a microcosm of what Elite Group stands for and what it’s like to work for us.

During the audit process, members of our team are chosen to represent their respective teams and offices. Having to answer questions, as part of the audit process can be daunting and we would like to say a huge well done and thank you to the following individuals.

  • Head of Platform, Matt Reay and Lead Platform Engineer, Leigh Wedley.
  • Internal IT Service Engineer, Gavin Dixon
  • Head of Software Development, Sam Cartner and Developer Team Leader, Stephanie McMonnies
  • Sales Operations Manager, Leanne Gibbons
  • Provisioning Team Manager, Kenny Gawne
  • Service Desk Manager, Nathan Fisher
  • Head of UC Services, Pete Harris
  • Head of Change, Alex Guest
  • HR Advisor, Lisa Brown
  • Head of Product, Paul Elmore
  • Senior Systems Engineer, Shaun Griffiths

Speaking about the success in maintaining our ISO accreditations for another year, our Compliance Manager, Melissa Carter, said:

“Our ISO accreditations are so important to not only us, but our customers. To have passed with flying colours with zero non-conformances is a remarkable achievement and I’m so proud of the Elite Group team and appreciate all the hard work that went into achieving our ISO success.”