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How Can Cloud Technology Improve ESG?

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategies and initiatives are becoming a key factor for customers when choosing a business to purchase fro...

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The creation of First Contact team at Elite Group

Elite Group’s customers are already seeing the benefits of our First Contact team.  Since we introduced the concept in September 2020, w...

Business Mobile

Is your internet connection good enough to deliver VOIP?

With the looming ISDN switch off in 2025, businesses looking to future proof their communications and stay ahead of the curve may want to consider a...

Connectivity & Networking

Elite Group helping business with a new strategic appointment

Phil, based at the company’s Head Office in Chorley, who has worked at Elite since 2016 following the acquisition of his business Netcentrix/SystemH...

Elite News

Congratulations Jennifer Leahy On 9 Years At Elite Group

Since founding the company in 2000, Matt Newing’s philosophy has always been to employ and maintain the best possible staff. Jennifer Leahy, Senior ...

Business Insights

MWL Systems Bolsters The Elite Group Offering

The well-established technology provider was specifically chosen by Elite as a direct result of the company’s team of highly qualified IT experts, a...


SIP Trunks – This is not SIP trunks for dummies, it’s SIP for anyone

Let’s just start by unwinding the actual acronyms and give them some simple terminology before we go through the benefits of Session Initiation Prot...