What is the Microsoft New Commerce Experience (NCE)?

April 04 2022  

Microsoft are set to make changes with new Commerce Experience


Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience (NCE) is the next phase in development of the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program and will change how users purchase Microsoft online services, directly via Microsoft or through partners such as Elite Group. The aim of NCE is to reduce complexity, provide additional savings to customers for long-term commitments and introduce a more streamlined approach to Microsoft licensing. We’re proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner and demonstrate our extensive knowledge of Microsoft’s product set – which we’re going to put to good use today! We sat down with our Junior Product Manager, Molly Scanlon, to discuss the launch of Microsoft NCE and what it means for businesses.


Microsoft NCE Explained

Microsoft initially launched the New Commerce Experience for Azure services in 2019 and in October 2021, announced the expansion of NCE into seat-based cloud offers – Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, as well as Windows 365. This new initiative intends to simplify and make licencing more cost-effective in the long-run, as well as introduce new features to CSP.


How Will NCE Change Microsoft Licencing?

As of March 2022, all new licence subscriptions will be provisioned via the New Commerce Experience. One of the biggest changes to come with NCE is the introduction of a monthly commitment term which runs alongside existing annual subscriptions. This gives businesses flexibility to tailor Microsoft products to suit their current needs and growth, but comes at a 20% additional cost, as opposed to an annual commitment. Microsoft have also introduced an enforced 72-hour cancellation policy meaning there can be no reductions to seat counts outside of this adjustment window until the subscription renewal date. However, increases to seat counts can be made at any time during the subscription.


Benefits of NCE

Due to the introduction of new monthly-term offers, NCE offers more flexibility for businesses who need a little more wriggle-room when it comes to contract terms and seat-counts. Furthermore, customers have the option to blend short and long-term offers, which is ideal for those that have volume fluctuations within their user-base. For example, if you need more seats for Microsoft 365 during certain periods of the year, you can keep some seats on a monthly term and others on an annual term. This ensures the required number of seats each term meets the needs of your permanent and seasonal team members.

If a business chooses to commit to an annual term, their pricing will be locked in for the entire 12 months, providing security against any price increases. Users will also save money on the cost-per-licence, as opposed to purchasing a monthly commitment. This increased flexibility comes at a 20% uplift across all online service plans.


Elite Group – Gold Standard Service

We’re proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner and a Tier-1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, as these accolades demonstrate our wealth of knowledge, high level of service and the outstanding support from our expert team. We can help you to take advantage of your Microsoft licencing and all of the benefits NCE has to offer in order to ensure your Microsoft solutions are fully meeting the needs of your business. Whether you already have a Microsoft product through us or are interested in implementing Microsoft products within your business, contact us today on 0344 875 8880.