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Unified Communications

Navigating Travel Industry Risks with Intelligent Communications

We’re going to explore some real-life unforeseen circumstances that the travel industry has had to navigate and how intelligent communications solut...

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Business Insights

What Would Happen If the Entire Internet Went Down?

The internet has crept into almost every part of our lives. Imagining a world without is not only difficult, it's scary! We use the internet for ever...

Business Insights

What Is Wireless Electricity and When’s It Coming?

When we think electronics, wires and cables naturally spring to mind. Indeed, conceiving of electronics without wires and cables may seem almost impos...

Business Insights

Encoded Light: What Is Optical Networking?

Optical networking. It sure sounds fancy. But in truth, it’s not that different to plumbing. In fact, fibre-optic cables can be thought of as “pip...

Elite News

Nexus Communications Rebrands to

Nexus Communications is rebranding to  What does it mean for Nexus customers? This is fundamentally a rebrand of the Nexus Communicatio...


Comms Supply Under the Brand

We are pleased to announce that Comms Supply is now an official part of Following the strategic acquisition of Comms Consulting Li...


We are pleased to announce that NetCentrix Ltd is now an official part of

We are pleased to announce that NetCentrix Ltd is now an official part of Following the positive strategic acquisition of NetCentrix in...