Is your internet connection good enough to deliver VOIP?

Updated: September 27th, 2022

What To Consider When You’re Looking To Implement VOIP.

Have you been thinking about a VoIP phone solution for your business communication needs? If so, you’ll be aware of the advantages that Voice over Internet Protocol can offer. 

With the looming ISDN switch off in 2025, businesses looking to future proof their communications and stay ahead of the curve may want to consider a digital solution sooner rather than later. Many businesses have already made the switch to keep ahead of competitors and future proof their business communications.  

With the latest communication technology rapidly improving business networksthe question is, can your internet connection support the latest tech advances? VoIP is one of those digital solutions that use data packets to digitally transmit voice over the internet. 

Having enough bandwidth to handle your communication needs is generally not an issue in many circumstances. However, the size of your business and how many concurrent calls you need will determine the bandwidth needed to deliver an appropriate VoIP solution. 

One of the common (average) VoIP call protocol solutions requires approximately 64kbps and you can have approximately 12 concurrent calls for each 1Mbps of bandwidth. So, if your company needs to support 120 concurrent calls, you’d need 10Mbp service. Keeping in mind this is just for your communication needsall your other internet requirements would be on top of this. 

While speed is a factor, speed alone is not enough. Having a provider that delivers appropriate bandwidth that takes into account latency and other issues will stop jitter and poor call quality. 

Imagine that each call you try to make is a car.  Your car/call is trying to make it from your home to your nearest city.  To do so, it has to hop on the highway. How many lanes the highway has is essentially bandwidth. The more lanes you have, the more cars (or calls) that can get to the city.  But what happens during rush hour, or when there’s an accident on the highway or a lane closure.  These unexpected delays cause your car to slow down and delay your arrival.  The same happens with your voice-calls and internet traffic with what is called latency and jitter. 

Considering the Openreach rollout is expanding at a fast pace, the ability to have a speedy and improved connection available will soon be more and more common. Understanding how bandwidth applies to your needs can sound a little complex but there is plenty of information available and a host of experts, like Elite, on hand to help educate you. 


Why A VOIP Solution Can Benefit Your Business


Experience Increased Mobility 

More and more businesses are adopting flexible remote working policies, which allow their employees to work away from the office using an array of different devices. With a VoIP system, you only need a Wi-Fi connection to be contactable anywhere on the same number. 

Studies have shown that 74 percent of office workers believe working flexibility has boosted their productivity, so its no surprise that more companies are looking to adapt their technologies to allow it.  

Decrease Overheads 

Local and international calls are significantly cheaper, considering VoIP uses the internet to send and receive calls, meaning businesses can make substantial savings and almost immediate return on investment. 

In comparison to traditional phone systems, a VoIP solution doesn’t require specialised hardware, therefore you may not have to replace your existing phones. 

Future Proof Your Business 

Many businesses worry that their investments in technology and infrastructure will be rendered useless within a few years with the rapid advancements in tech. This can be seen with past investments in phone systems, as parts or replacements can become difficult to find and calls become costly. However, VoIP can future proof your communication needs with minimal outlay. 

Gain a Competitive Advantage 

Opting for a hosted VoIP system will mean that you enjoy enterprise-level features, monthly cost savings, increased mobility and flexibility and avoidance of your investments becoming obsolete. Importantly, you will also be able to program features to improve communications, both internally and externally. 


For most of today’s modern enterprises, a reliable business broadband connection is the essential starting point. Whether you are a small start-up, or a growing enterprise, Elite Group’s business broadband and FTTC packages can be tailored to your specific business requirements. 

Elite Group offers managed and unmanaged packages so, you choose which solution will be more suited to your business needs. Our broadband packages are easy to manage, with a fixed monthly bill and access to our expert team. 

Having a reliable internet connection is the starting point for improved digital communications. Once you have a reliable solution in place the rest is relatively simple to implement. 

Talk to an expert to gain a better understanding of how VoIP can improve your communication needs. Elite has an experienced team that can assist with the perfect digital solution for your communication needs, including VoIP, amongst a host of other services and IT solutions. 


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