5 Key Benefits of Call Analytics

What are Call Analytics and How Can They Improve Your Communications?

Two male business analysts looking at call analytics data on a computer and laptop screen.

Businesses everywhere that communicate with customers via telephone can utilise call data to make informed decisions and push their business forward. Tools featured in Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solutions offer deeper and actionable insights into caller activity – this is known as call analytics.

If your business is yet to utilise UCaaS and CCaaS platforms and take advantage of the information call analytics solutions have to offer, keep reading to find out more about their benefits and how Elite Group can help you onboard call analytics tools to boost your communications and improve the experience of both your employees and customers.

What are Call Analytics?

Call analytics involves the collection and analysis of data from inbound calls. This information is then used to better understand the customer, their needs and their habits, to offer a better service and improve business prospects. It is also used to highlight potential issues that arise during phone calls that may be hindering the customer experience and causing losses in sales, revenue and productivity.

Data that can be analysed include:

  • Call time
  • Hold time
  • Sales teams figures
  • The effectiveness of transfers
  • Customer responses
  • Customer mood
  • Call handler responses

And a host of other in-depth variables businesses can use to make necessary changes.

5 Key Benefits of Call Analytics in UCaaS and CCaaS Solutions

1) Visibility of Business Operations

Call data can offer instant insights into essential business metrics and allow businesses to take note of clear-cut data to improve operations in the future. For example, the frequency and scale of sales figures taken over the phone can help businesses decide whether or not to push certain products and/or services. The rate at which certain products or services are sold over the phone throughout the calendar year can also help businesses plan their production schedule or other offerings to customers at specific times over the following twelve months.

This not only helps to improve the customer experience, but also helps reduce costs and maximise potential revenue by capitalising on educated decisions based on prior customer interactions.

2) In-depth Insights Fueling Improved Decision-Making

On a more in-depth level, call analytics data can help businesses to make important decisions that may not be so obvious at first glance. A good example of this is the length of time a customer spends on the call enquiring about a certain product or service. If a customer is spending longer on the phone and shows great interest in a certain product by asking positively framed and engaging questions – before ultimately going through with the sale – there is every reason to believe that product is sparking an interest in a certain segment of the business audience, which is yet another metric that can be measured. If call analytics reveal a particular segment of a business audience is responding well to a product and purchasing it at higher-than-average rates, that business can decide to push its marketing efforts closer toward that audience in the hopes of pushing sales figures even higher.

Similarly, if a customer spends only a short amount of time on the phone with very little interaction with the call handler before going through with a sale, and this happens on a wide scale, this could be an indication of an audience’s keenness to purchase the product before others – in turn, businesses could begin pushing this specific product as part of their marketing efforts in the hopes of increasing sales further. 

3) Enhance Customer Experiences

If businesses hope to maintain a positive relationship with customers who contact them via the phone, utilising call analytics data is a good way of revealing trends and tendencies that call handlers have used in the past to keep customers on-side. Utilising call analytics powered by AI, some call analytics can reveal insights into the way customers respond when spoken to in a certain way – either in following a call script or using certain tones of voice at specific times.

By analysing this data and mastering the art of conversing with customers in tones of voice and with words they’re more likely to respond positively to, call handlers can help maintain a rapport with the business audience and keep turning new customers and callers into repeat customers.

4) Boost Productivity and Employee Engagement

As call analytics can be used to analyse precise motions of a conversation during inbound business calls, the artificial intelligence (AI) in call analytics can reveal improved pathways call handlers can take to drive more customers towards making a purchase, decreasing their chances of hanging up. By examining mass numbers of calls, and the conversations within these calls, analytics can offer improved methods of maneuvering customers towards the end of the sales funnel and help to close more deals, improving profitability. 

5) Identify Training Opportunities 

Along with positive action, call analytics can quickly identify where more actions are needed to resolve potentially serious issues. In the case of specific employees, the analytics may reveal that a certain worker is not closing enough sales calls with customers, or that they are spending too long on some calls without the customer making a purchase, ultimately wasting time. In this case, businesses can use the information to identify which employees may be put forward for further training, improving their phone skills, as well as their professional development and helping them to drive business success in the future.

Explore call analytics through MiVoice Business

If you’re seeking an easy and effective way to utilise call analytics in your business, Mitel MiVoice Business is a tool you should explore. With an in-depth unified communications and contact centre solution, your employees can make and receive calls – and other essential communications – all from a single easy-to-use app that’s usable on a plethora of digital devices. It houses everything a business needs for reliable communications, relieving the need for subscriptions to multiple communications platforms.

Whether you’d prefer to host the service via the cloud, on-site, or a combination of the two, MiVoice Business lets you handle your communications however you see fit. Call analytics features allow you to analyse call data and use that data to your advantage, so you can make quick decisions and pivot your business strategy to meet the needs of the consumer as they become apparent. This feature is included in the platform, with no need to waste time jumping between different applications to find the information you need – with Mitel MiVoice Business, everything you need is reachable in a single, user-friendly app. 

Plus, with a host of useful features and collaborative apps that are accessible remotely, employees can enjoy seamless connectivity with their customers and each other whenever they need it.

Leverage the Power of Call Analytics with Elite Group

With over 20 years of experience helping businesses of all kinds take advantage of the latest communication technology, Elite Group are here to help you take the next steps in improving your communications and business planning with a call analytics solution. Having strong partnerships with some of the biggest business communications vendors and call analytics providers means we’re able to offer critical information to help you decide on the solution that’s best for you. Our advisers are all experienced and well-trained in the products we offer, so you’ll always have an expert on hand to speak to if you need assistance. This is especially true with our dedicated account management and support packages, meaning you’ll never be left losing valuable time due to technical glitches or waiting for answers to your queries.

If you’re ready to further explore all of the above, speak to an Elite Group expert today.