Teams Talk is re launching with UC and Voice services

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January 29 2021  

Elite Now Offer Three Teams Talk Bundles From Entry Level To Premium 

If you’re thinking you need a unified communications solution without needing a full-on call centre system, then Teams Talk is for your business. Considering you may already use Microsoft Teams as part of your business collaboration solution, then adding Teams Talk for voice communications is simple. 

Considering more than twothirds of operating systems in the UK are windows based the chances are you will be running Microsoft 365. If so, utilising the power of Microsoft Teams combined with a voice service like Teams Talk is the perfect proposition to unify your comms. 

With the looming ISDN switch off, Teams Talk is a great opportunity for many small to medium enterprises to move to a virtual communications system. Because the system is 100% cloud-based there is no need for any onsite hardware saving on maintenance costs and expenditure. With remote working now part of the business world, Teams Talk allows for connectivity and continuity anywhere, anytime on any device. 

The starting point for those wanting simple voice services is ‘Teams Talk’. Teams Talk is the entry level version allowing for cloud based voice services within Microsoft Teams. Extremely competitively priced this bundle is a pay as you go solution, so, you only pay for the calls you make. 

Need more features? Step up to Teams Talk Pro. 

Offering bundled minutes and more advanced UC features, Teams Talk Pro is perfect for Medium sized enterprises wanting a unified communication solution. Builtin analytics allow you to monitor the platform with call logging, call quality info, platform adoption and more. 

Teams Talk premium has all the features of Pro with the added benefit of call recording. You can tailor your system to suit your business needs by adding hardware like headsets and handsets if needs be. 


Check out some of the Teams Talk Bundle Features. 


Pay as you go Yes No No
UK Bundled Mins No Yes Yes
Number Porting Yes Yes Yes
New DDI Availability Yes Yes Yes
Non-Geographic Numbers Yes Yes Yes
International Numbers Yes No Yes
Call Queues Yes Yes Yes
Ring Groups Yes Yes Yes
Voicemail Yes Yes Yes
Auto-Attendant Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Call Routing Yes Yes Yes
Resiliency Yes Yes Yes
Incoming & outgoing calls from
Teams client or mobile app
Yes Yes Yes
Call Analytics No Yes Yes
Call Recording No No Yes
End User Hardware Optional Optional Optional
Business Conference Solutions Optional Optional Optional
Additional Call Storage No No Optional


Click here for more in-depth detail about Teams Talk and the options available. Or give our team a call and take advantage of our FREE install on any new 36-month contract – available until the end of April. 


Elite Group is one of the UK’s leading unified communication providers, supplying reliable and professional IT and telecoms services to organisations seeking Business Mobile, Cloud, Networking, Connectivity, and Telephony solutions.  

For more information on how Elite Group can power your unified communication solutions, call us or request a quote today  

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