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May 21 2018  

It’s not uncommon for businesses to be completely managed by a mobile

With people more connected than ever, much of our day-to-day work is conducted away from the office. So, when we have an issue with our device, or if it is lost or stolen, our business transactions can be severely limited.

It stands to reason, then, that the ability to address issues with your business mobile phone, both quickly and efficiently, is vital to your ongoing operations.

So, ask yourself, do you have confidence that your mobile provider will address any issues both quickly and efficiently? Many major networks and providers claim to offer leading customer service. However, a recent survey undertaken by Which? shows that many leading providers fare poorly in this area.

The frustration of contacting your provider and being placed in a queue, or talking to different operatives each time, is all too common. When a simple issue arises, most businesses want to speak to someone they know, someone who is capable of addressing their issue quickly and with minimal fuss: they do not wish to be transferred from one operative to another.

As an independent business mobile provider, Elite Group’s most important business proposition is customer service. As a third-party provider, it is vital to our ongoing success that our customers trust us to deliver a first-class experience.

Our objectives are to ensure that our customers are on the right tariff, on the right network and are paying the right amount. Not only that, we will allocate each customer their own named account manager who is in turn backed by a named member of our customer service team.

With all this in place, we are able to ensure that you always speak with someone you are familiar with, who understands your business and its needs. Should your account manager be unavailable, you have an additional layer of management via a familiar face in our in-house, UK-based customer service team.

Additionally, our high-level relationships with leading networks allow us to manage the relationship between your business and the network on your behalf – removing much of the frustration and wasted time encountered by those who choose to deal with networks directly.

Should you have an issue with your handset, or if it is lost or stolen, we will offer you a loan handset, as well as next day replacement for faulty hardware. This gives you the confidence that you will not go without service for long.

Although issues such as cost and coverage are clearly vital, it is the unseen costs caused by poor service that could create long term problems for your business. An excellent level of business mobile customer service ensures that your business continues to run efficiently and that your valuable time and resources are not wasted.

Elite Group is the leading unified communications and business mobile provider. We deliver an unrivalled next generation product portfolio to businesses looking to increase efficiency, cut costs and achieve a better ROI. 

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