The ISDN Switch off is not that far off!

Updated: November 30th, 2022

Making The Move From Isdn To Sip


It’s been well documented and here at Elite Group, we have disseminated a lot of information about the ISDN switch off. The ISDN phase-out started this year and by 2023 you won’t be able to purchase an ISDN line through the PSTN. So where does that leave business communications?



Although the PSTN has served us well, it’s now well passed its use-by date and the digital realm of business communications is well and truly upon us. There are several choices when it comes to the way you can communicate now, all with a plethora of much-improved benefits compared to analogue communications.

The fibre first strategy of Openreach means that by the time the switch off happens the majority of the UK will have access to the latest digital connections, allowing for improved communication across the digital realm.


So how do you go about switching?

First and foremost, it’s not a complicated process when you have the right provider on board. Secondly, you need SIP – SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, and it is the technology that enables your digital voice traffic (previously carried over physical ISDN and Analogue lines) to be carried over the internet. If your phone system is not SIP enabled, then this means it is not compatible with the new digital technology and you will need to look at a new phone system when transitioning over to SIP.


What are the benefits?

Cost – The savings are one of the biggest benefits. Once businesses transition to SIP and VoIP solutions the savings can be as much as 50% and more. Given that some business communication systems may need upgrades the ROI is generally within the first few months.

Resilience – The newer technology has a lot more failsafe’s than the older copper tech. Most providers will have far greater redundancy measures due to the capabilities of fibre connections and cloud technology. There is no need for multiple lines and upgrading only relies on bandwidth rather than physical cables running into a facility.

Call Quality – Once you have an appropriate connection for your business needs the call quality will be increase along with the ability to scale as and when you need it.

Scalability – Digital communications allow for up and downscaling without associated, expensive hardware costs. This allows businesses a much easier process when it comes to remote working and a more flexible workforce.

Unified Communications – With a digital system for your voice calls comes the added benefit of collaboration solutions and numerous other digital solutions to help run a more efficient and productive business.


The transition from ISDN to SIP

All businesses need to transition from ISDN to SIP is internet connectivity and a VoIP enabled phone system.

Internet connectivity – you’ll need to keep in mind that an appropriate bandwidth for the size of your business will be needed. How many concurrent calls you need will determine the bandwidth needed to deliver an appropriate bandwidth solution.

One of the common (average) VoIP call protocol solutions requires approximately 64kbps and you can have approximately 12 concurrent calls for each 1Mbps of bandwidth. So, if your company needs to support 120 concurrent calls, you’d need 10Mbp service. Keeping in mind this is just for your communication needs, all your other internet requirements would be on top of this.

You can have a dedicated connection just for voice which allows for more reliable voice traffic and a dedicated connection for all other internet and connection needs. However, the size of your business and your communication needs will determine if that is ultimately necessary. Talk to your provider and they will be able to take you through the entire process and determine the best solutions for your business.

VoIP Phone System – Ensure your current system is capable of transitioning to VoIP. If it’s not, you have time to research what will work best for you. Elite Group has numerous solutions that will enable a smooth transition from ISDN to SIP and VoIP with a host of features and benefits that will allow for improved productivity and profitability.


In short, the process is simple and pain free with the benefit of improved cost savings, increased productivity and numerous other advantages. By choosing one expert provider for all your technology, communication and service needs, you will experience the same excellent level of knowledge and support across all your products. This increases productivity reduces complexity, improves profitability and saves you time and money.


Talk to our team today and start making the transition from old technology to the future of Unified Communications.


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