Top 5 Benefits of Mobile Technology For Your Business

Updated: January 26th, 2023

How Can Mobile Technology Improve Your Business?

From sales to security and providing better flexibility without compromising on productivity, the benefits of business mobile are many. However, with the Internet of Things and business growing increasingly more agile, the role of business mobile technology could be playing in your business is more prominent than you may think. The use of mobile technology in today’s world goes far beyond simply providing a method for teams to touch base with their office, whilst on the go. From the use of data allowing teams to complete work from their laptop or tablet from anywhere, to connecting your office infrastructure, such as lights, machines and more via the internet, to managing your business security via a mobile app, mobile technology is now at the heart of modern business.

Embracing this technology is not just useful, but vital for your operations and service to keep up with the pace of modern business. The way you implement mobile technology within your business will differ, depending on your industry, business size etc, but we’ve narrowed down five key benefits that will apply to most, if not all, businesses.



What is Business Mobile Technology?

Before we go any further, it’s best we understand what business mobile technology actually is. When we say ‘business mobile solutions’ it’s probably an image of a smartphone that immediately springs to mind, right? Well you’re not wrong, but nowadays, smartphones are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the mobile technology you can implement within your business. Mobile technology covers a variety of solutions including:

  • Laptops, tablets, phones and other mobile devices
  • Mobile applications
  • Smart objects – e.g. speakers
  • IoT solutions
  • Mobile device management

Business mobile technology doesn’t just have the ability to provide some benefits to your business, it holds the power to implement functions that drive your business forward. From bolstering your security processes to creating workspaces of the future and improving the experience of both your team and your customers, the future is, most definitely, mobile.


1) Effective Business Communication

Seems like an obvious point, but here us out! Of course business mobile technology levels-up your business communication by enabling your team to communicate effectively from anywhere – nothing new there. However, leveraging mobile technology allows you to ditch your outdated business phone system for modern unified communications solutions that enable your team to communicate and collaborate from anywhere and provide a range of functions that goes beyond voice.

What is Unified Communications

UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) is a cloud-based communications solution that brings together a range of communications channels, including message, voice, video, chat and more, all within one platform. As the solution is based within the cloud and communication is delivered via the internet, it can be operated from a mobile application, which enables you to access your business phone system and communicate from your smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop.

We’ll revisit UCaaS and mobile technology a little later on!


2) Increased Productivity and Collaboration

With mobile technology, communication and collaboration isn’t limited by location or barriers, allowing your team to connect and work together from anywhere. With solutions, such as intelligent data and data-only plans, you can leverage your tablets and other mobile devices, by connecting them to the internet, so your team can access documents and be productive from anywhere.

When working away from the office or attending external meetings, your team can show and work on documents and information with clients , suppliers or other colleagues in real time, on the go by hooking their mobile device up to the internet through utilising data-only SIMs or hotspotting from their phone. Sometimes a simple voice call won’t do and your team need access to face-to-face interaction. With business mobile technology, your team has the ability to hop on to your UCaaS or online communication platform and start a video call or meeting at the touch of a button. Productivity is boosted, the agility of your team is improved and your team are given the freedom to work from anywhere without compromise.


3) Better Employee Experience

According to research conducted by global non-profit organisation, Catalyst, implementing remote work means employees are:

  • 30% less likely to look for another job in the next year
  • 75% more likely to always be engaged
  • 63% more likely to always be innovative


Implementing hybrid and remote working is shown to boost productivity through allowing employees to work in the way that’s best for them, improve recruitment prospects due to not being limited by location and contribute to being more environmentally friendly by decreasing the carbon footprint of your business. All of these factors contribute to your team having a positive experience with your business, which boosts employee retention.

You know what fuels effective remote working? Mobile technology. Utilising the right mobile solutions can support the successful implementation of remote working, by allowing your teams to stay connected and engaged with your business, no matter where they work. Here are just a few examples of how mobile technology can fuel productive remote working:

  • Accessing communication platforms, such as Microsoft Teams
  • Hotspotting to utilise tablets and laptops for productivity on the go
  • Multi-factor authentication apps for secure access of business data, documents and information


4) Enhanced Customer Experience

You know the UCaaS solutions we mentioned earlier? Leveraging this technology via mobile devices, allows you to provide a superior, omni-channel communications experience to your customers. Why is this beneficial? Firstly, it allows your customer to engage with your business in a way that they prefer, whether that is via call, instant message, video call etc. Intuitive call handling ensures your customers always feel cared for and can rely on you to not leave them hanging on the telephone when they need you most.

Furthermore, utilising UCaaS and mobile technology together provides the best solution for businesses who need to provide better agility for their team members. Call re-routing, voicemail and more within your UCaaS app, ensures you never miss a call and therefore an opportunity again, as calls can be diverted or routed from your deskphone to your business mobile phone, if you need to leave your desk.


5) Bolstered Security Processes

Adding mobile technology to your security initiatives can help to bolster your efforts and strengthen your digital fortress to keep your information secure. When allowing your team to access business documents and data away from the office, this can leave your data vulnerable to risks. Implementing multi-factor authentication methods via your business mobile adds an extra layer of security through presenting a gateway that is activated with a passcode or push notification on the user’s phone. Once the user enters the passcode or follows the options presented by the push notification, they are then granted access to the data on their mobile device, laptop or PC. Should a hacker attempt to enter your business device they will not have access to this gateway.

It seems these days that there is an app for everything. Whether you’re ordering a takeaway, monitoring who’s ringing your video doorbell or tracking your calories and workouts for the week – there’s an app for that! When it comes to your business security, a lot of solutions now come with the ability to monitor, track and manage your security via an app or portal that can be accessed via the internet from your mobile device. From sending alerts to your phone in the event of a risk or issue, to allowing you to wipe a device’s data, remotely, mobile technology places your business’s security efforts in the palm of your hand.


Business Mobile – The Beating Heart of Modern Businesses

This is just a small sample of benefits mobile technology can provide for your business. There’s a whole world of opportunity out there when it comes to implementing mobile technology within your business. We’ll work with you to find the best business mobile solutions for your needs, whether you’re looking to purchase a business mobile contract or want to invest in IoT solutions that take your business to the next level. From access to the latest mobile deals at the best prices to dedicated account management and expert support, we provide everything you need to unlock your business’s potential with business mobile solutions. Contact us today and one of our mobile specialists will work with you to find the perfect business mobile contract for your needs.