The Benefits of Being Network Agnostic

Updated: November 25th, 2022

In the fast-paced world of business, staying connected is vital.

Whether it’s having the flexibility to communicate with clients anywhere or accessing work emails on the go, a business mobile contract is a must-have in the digital age.

However, trying to find the best mobile solution for you can be overwhelming when there are such a wide variety of suppliers, plans and prices out there. With so many network providers offering a plethora of deals, bundles and offers, it can be hard to distinguish which one is suitable for your business communication needs. Being tied into a contract that isn’t tailored to your requirements can be frustrating and can lead to issues such as bill shock. If this problem sounds familiar to you, it may be more beneficial to seek a business mobile plan through a service that is network agnostic.


What Does Network Agnostic Mean?

We tend to associate the word ‘agnostic’ with religion, where it means a person has no specific belief or tie to any particular god. When we use the term network agnostic in business mobile communication, we are not comparing network providers to gods. Network Agnostic simply means having no ties or preferences for specific mobile networks or providers.

Elite understands the frustration of being trapped in an unsuitable business mobile contract. Our business mobile service is completely network agnostic, which allows us to find or create the best contract for you. But what exactly are the benefits of being network agnostic and what advantages could this approach bring to your business?

Good questions – let’s answer them!


Impartial Service

A network agnostic communications service, such as Elite, is an independent provider that has no ties to any single network. This means that they can provide impartial advice and create bespoke business mobile solutions without preference to a particular provider. The service can take your list of needs and analyse various network providers to find a plan fits those needs.

Example: your business has moved to an office in a more rural area and your current contract doesn’t provide suitable coverage, making communication difficult. In addition to this, due to a rise in online communication, you are continually exceeding your data limit. Your mobile fleet is also struggling with devices that are behind the times and need an upgrade. Your mobile bill is riddled with hidden charges and fees. You’re looking to change providers, but are wary of being trapped in another unsuitable contract.

A network agnostic communication company, such as Elite, would analyse your business’ precise requirements and research relevant providers to find the best coverage and tech required at the right price for you. They may also be able to offer other services as part of your package such as:

  • Account management – the Network bills you, like a normal business mobile contract but the communications company, like Elite, will be responsible for managing the account and ensuring it meets your needs
  • Building bespoke packages – is tailored to your needs using the most suitable networks and hardware and is both managed and billed by the communications company saving you time and admin work!

When finding your business mobile solution through a network agnostic company, you can trust that their advice and guidance is completely impartial with the sole intention of helping you find the best business mobile deal.


Respected Relationships

Network Agnostic tech and communication providers will usually have respected relationships with mobile network providers. This allows them access to the very best deals available, including offers that cannot be negotiated by independent users or businesses. For example, Elite have respected relationships with 3 of the UK’s biggest network providers, O2, EE and Vodafone, which allows us to negotiate the best bundles, deals and offers. These relationships allow us to provide you with the power to create a mobile contract that suits you. Haggling with network providers is never an enjoyable job and can take up precious time that could have been spent on your business operations. Placing this job in the hands of a network agnostic provider, such as Elite, will allow you to present us with the requirements that need be fulfilled with your business mobile contract and we will find a solution for you. As well as developing respected relationships with networks, a network agnostic provider will create a professional relationship with you to provide a more personal service. At Elite, we approach all of our solutions with a consulting mindset to discover which solutions your business needs, rather than the focus being on simply selling products to you which may not be suitable or necessary. Put simply, we want to make sure you have everything you need and not waste your time trying to sell you’re things, you don’t.


Account Management

Account management is another benefit of utilising a communications provider that is network agnostic. As the solution will be tailored specifically to your business, an account manager can be assigned to ensure that your business mobile contract meets your needs and if your circumstances change, they are dedicated to ensure it fulfils these changes. Compared to going direct to a network provider using a communications provider like Elite, means that you have your personal account manager that takes care of everything, from being on hand to sort any issues with your contract to negotiating a better deal for you. This means less hassle, less time faffing, just leave it all to your account manager to sort whilst you get on with the important stuff. Not only do you have access to your personal account manager, you also have access to a team of mobile specialists who are available to provide advice and deduce what solutions you need based on your requirements. They are masterminds and their chosen subject is mobile solutions. Even John Humphrys couldn’t baffle them with a question, so anything you need to know about business mobiles, phone hardware, deals, bundles, offers and solutions – they are the people for the job!


One-Stop Shop Solution

Business mobile is just one solution that every business needs in the modern world. There are other essentials, such as online security, broadband and landline services. Let’s imagine the IT and communication needs of a business as a shopping list. If we go down the independent route to find all of the solutions we need, this would be the equivalent of having to visit a high-street worth of shops, negotiating prices with every single shop-keeper. Mobile networks, hardware providers, cyber security companies, cloud services – that’s a lot of phone calls, a lot of haggling and a lot of time. Now if we look at a unified, network agnostic provider, such as Elite, we’re no longer having to knock on doors of individual shops. We are in a supermarket, where everything you need is under one roof and a personal shopper is on hand to help you find the best solutions for you. Let’s say you’re in the business mobile aisle – due to Elite’s expertise in everything to do with IT and communications you could find all of the following solutions in the same place:

  • Hardware – whether you need 1 business mobile or 1000 we can look at the best deals and bundles for you
  • Network – tailored to your business and its needs
  • Other services such as MDM, UEM and IoT

There’s more. There are other aisles within this supermarket, such as unified communications, IT and connectivity solutions – why shop around with multiple companies and contracts when you can do it all in one place. Multiple solutions across multiple tech and communication sectors all in one place, managed by one service, saving you the time and the headaches of monitoring multiple accounts.


Service, Solutions, Simplicity – This is the Elite way

At Elite, business mobile solutions is just one area of our expertise. We have the knowledge and experience to take care of all your unified communications, IT, business mobile and connectivity needs under one roof with a team of experts on hand ready to help. As well as expert knowledge, we pride ourselves on our customer service and will do whatever we can to ensure your experience is as simple and helpful as possible. Our service is personal. We know the impact of poor IT solutions and communication can have on a business, so don’t want to just sell you a contract. We want to find the solution that answers your problems, fulfils your needs and doesn’t squash your budget.


What our customers say

‘The fact Elite takes a consultative, supplier agnostic approach means that we have been able to take the best of all the suppliers and create our own unique platform that suits our business needs. We’ve developed a strong relationship with the Elite Account Management team.’ Craig Knott | Director

Make more time for looking after your business by letting us take care of your business mobile and other communication and IT solutions.


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