Implications of increased data needs for mobile devices on businesses?

Updated: November 22nd, 2022

Did you know the average data per month, per user was only 7GB? 

That increase is due to the rapid uptake of data-intensive apps like Microsoft Teams which saw a 300% increase in early 2020.

The International Data Corporation (IDC) research suggests that 60% of all data will be generated by businesses by 2025, up from 30% in 2015.

The increase in data usage is not a bad thing. Collaboration platforms and similar business apps allow for increased productivity and efficiencies, however, the need for improved data usage is becoming more and more important. Combined with the rollout of 5G across the UK those needs and efficiencies will be even more prevalent in the future.

“A 5G connection will generate 2.6 times more traffic than the average 4G connection. Performance will increase, too: average 5G speeds will rise from 76 Mbps in 2019 to 170 Mbps by 2022.’ |

With this continuing rise in demand for data use, businesses need to consider mobile device usage and what plans best suit their needs. 5G plays a major role in the rise of data usage and the ongoing advances in apps etc utilising data over voice and traditional text messaging means we will all rely heavily on data usage into the future.

As mobile data consumption grows, businesses must respond by empowering employees with the right business plans. We are already seeing more teams realising the benefits of a connected workplace, from virtual meetings to cloud-based technology and everything in between. And as 5G continue to roll out across the UK it is becoming increasingly important to ensure your workforce are empowered with the right tools—whether they’re working in the office or outside of it.


What do unlimited tariffs do for workers?

They unleash the shackles for more responsive, productive and efficient work practices. Fixed plans often mean colleagues have to wait to respond to messaging and emails from clients or wait to call until back in the office.

Unlimited tariffs allow the freedom to communicate and perform other digital activities at optimum levels with employees having the autonomy to carry out their work without limitations.

Cloud technologies have meant that accessing and disseminating information from mobile devices is easier and more secure than ever, allowing business to be conducted without geographical restrictions or being tied to a physical office environment. However, this relies on access to data and again where unlimited tariffs come into play.


When is unlimited not unlimited?

While most unlimited plans will be more than enough for the needs of many businesses, you need to be aware of ‘fair play’ policies and the implications they may have. Some fair play policies have a data cap and may not be enough for individual user needs and some will have a speed cap once certain data limits are reached. There are also some variations on speed restrictions throughout some unlimited plans, so, knowing what your needs are and what they will be in the future will determine the best solution for your data needs.

‘For many employees, a constant mobile connection is more important than a broadband connection. Research of UK small businesses has highlighted that 81% believe the latest smartphones fulfil most of their business needs. In fact, almost two-thirds said that the technology available to them on their smartphone outperformed tech on the other devices they used.’ |

Without a doubt, the latest mobile devices have changed and will change even more in the future how we all communicate and do business. Data plays an absolute role in how efficient and productive your business will be with communications.

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