How to Control Business Mobile Costs without Compromise

Updated: November 14th, 2022

Controlling the Costs of Your Mobile Connectivity


Before the world of business changed and adapted to allow their workforce to work remotely, implementing mobile phones as a primary form of communication was viewed as expensive and a potential security risk. Implementing widespread mobile connectivity wasn’t really necessary with the majority of workers being in the office and if business mobiles were implemented at all, they were usually reserved for staff in sales and service roles, who were often on the road.  The thought of staff using data to access information and use communication platforms outside of the office was, understandably, viewed as a cost management nightmare.

However, with remote and hybrid working becoming the norm now, attitudes towards business mobiles and mobile connectivity have vastly changed. Mobile technology has become the lifeline that has kept employees connected to businesses, but the concerns over cost still remain for many business owners. This doesn’t mean that businesses should dismiss implementing mobile solutions within their business, in fact this may be more of a hindrance than a help in the future. Digital transformation is the aim of the game nowadays. Providing agility, flexibility and the power to progress your business and keep up with the modern world relies on businesses adopting a digital transformation strategy. Mobile connectivity is at the heart of digital transformation for businesses and with the right processes and mechanisms in place, your business can provide mobile connectivity for your team whilst keeping control of the costs.


Stay in Control with Mobile Device Management Solutions

Utilising mobile connectivity should provide value to your business via increased productivity and a workforce that can work better together. However, if the usage goes unregulated, this connectivity has the potential to become more of a distraction than an asset. One key solution that is beneficial to implement restrictions and to keep your mobile connectivity secure and ensure it is providing value to your business is mobile device management. With an efficient mobile device management solution in place, you are in a better position to control data usage, for example by:

  • Applying limits or restrictions to applications that can consume large amounts of data
  • Applying spending limits to your contract
  • Restricting access to certain applications, such as streaming services, that do not provide value to your business and can cause distraction and unnecessary costs

The other added benefit of mobile device management is security. Keep track of and control what applications your team can access and place security measures, such as multifactor authentication, to keep business data secure. In the event of a mobile device being lost or stolen, you also have the power to wipe the data, remotely, to keep your information secure.

Proactively Keep Track of Connectivity Costs

The ‘usual’ method of managing the cost and usage of your mobile connectivity – receiving your monthly bill and dealing with the figures retrospectively – can be a leading cause of overspending on your mobile connectivity. More workers using their mobiles to stay productive on the go, means an increase in data usage, which has the potential to cause bills to skyrocket. A more proactive approach to managing costs is needed.

If you implement a BYOD (bring your own device) policy within your business, where employees use their own mobile devices and have the cost reimbursed via expenses, this has the potential to cause you to overspend. Your team are busy and having to go through a mobile bill at the end of the month and distinguish their business usage from their mobile usage can lead to inaccurate cost reports. Implementing a software within your business mobile fleet that enables business calls to be re-charged to your company, instantly and automatically, can be a key method to ensure you keep in control of your team’s usage.

What do you do if you are providing your workers with mobile phones? Naturally, you’re more in control than if employees are utilising their own devices, as you’ve chosen the plan, features and allowances that your team are using. However, utilising a provider with a platform that enables you to see your team’s usage in real time and take action to keep control through restricting certain usage, such as social media and enabling more data usage for utilising productivity and collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams.


Keep Control of Your Mobile Usage with Elite Group and

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Work with our mobile specialists to provide effective mobile connectivity to your team without overspending. Contact us today and let’s find the best business mobile solutions for you.