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October 25 2021  

What is the best phone system for small businesses?


The options are almost endless with numerous business phone systems on the market. However, the beauty of modern communication platforms is their ability to adapt to your changing business needs, as your business grows, without any ties to a geographical location.

No matter the size of your business, an effective communication system is essential to keep the business moving forward. Having a phone system is crucial for any business, however, small to medium businesses tend to sometimes overlook the importance of effective, efficient communications. So, what does that system look like now compared to previous years?

Over the past few years there is no doubt that communications have moved forward in leaps and bounds. Compared to traditional voice systems, which have been sufficient for many years, complete digital systems allow for future-proof communication platforms keeping your business competitive.

Modern phone systems require less hardware and maintenance with greater flexibility and features. From just a voice tool right through to contact centre solutions, the new wave of telephony is here, adapting to the needs of every business.

Selecting the appropriate phone system for your business communication needs is not as difficult as it seems. With multiple options on the market, it can be tricky to decide – the best option is to talk to a professional, experienced supplier who will understand your needs and provide an appropriate solution that suits your requirements.


Out with the old – in with the new.

Traditional analogue-based landlines will cease to exist in 2025 with the Openreach ‘PSTN Switch-Off’ – in fact some areas have already moved to online services in preparation for the ‘Switch-Off’.

Whilst the analogue network served us well for many years, it’s being switched off to allow for a more modern and reliable digital network. What does that mean for businesses? It means that you will need to move across to a cloud-based or VoIP communications system. It really is a blessing in disguise, moving to a full online voice service is generally cheaper and more flexible, especially for small businesses.

Landlines are now becoming a dinosaur of the past with digital VoIP and cloud-based systems removing the need for cumbersome hardware and peripheral equipment. According to Ofcom, there are two million businesses that are still using PSTN connections, so what are you waiting for? Now is the time to make the move.

Prepare for the PSTN Swith-Off

Evolve at pace.

Compared to traditional voice solutions, the latest communication platforms allow small businesses to evolve rapidly and in a timely manner. The flexibility of modern phone systems creates a plethora of options and features that can be instantly adopted or removed depending on your business needs.

Remote working is one area which has benefited greatly when it comes to internet-based phone systems. Allowing an any anywhere, anytime approach has seen business productivity boom and customer satisfaction improve considerably. Giving employees access to a communication platform, where and when they need it, goes a long way. It cuts costs, improves work/life balance, and boosts employee motivation, productivity, and satisfaction. A truly remote workforce, where people can work together from any location, is the cornerstone of a thriving and successful modern business.

Need to move geographical location or start up a new office? Maybe you need to expand your workforce rapidly due to a new contract, Cloud-based business telephone systems allow for instant, seamless connectivity and growth.

No matter what sector you are in, you can evolve at pace with the latest future-proof business phone systems.


Consider your business needs

Just simply having a phone line and answering calls is not enough for any modern business. Every company has differing needs depending on a range of factors. At the very minimum, apart from answering and generating calls, an appropriate business phone service should allow you to do the following:

  • Track usage, call duration, hold times, and wait times.
  • Allow for call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID and inbound call routing
  • Utilise a desk phone, mobile phone, or computer to make and receive calls
  • Allow for the business phone number to be shared amongst several users simultaneously
  • Beyond the basics, you should consider your business needs and select a business phone system that will suit, both now and into the future.


What are the benefits of Cloud-Based solutions?

The best part about the new generation of voice solutions is the variety and flexibility to suit any of your business communication needs. Whether you are after a simple voice line, or a more complex set of features, modern phone systems allow you to create a bespoke solution for your business.

Consumer expectations have never been higher, and your business needs to be able to deliver on those expectations, giving the best experience possible. Traditional phone systems just don’t cut it anymore, consumers want rapid response, multiple service channels and more, that’s where cloud-based solutions come into their own.

The incorporation of multiple features within one solution, gives access to voice services, email, video calling, customer information retrieval and more, allowing for improved customer experiences. Cloud-based communications meet all those expectations at a fraction of the price of traditional phone services.

Without the need for excessive and often expensive hardware these business phone systems allow for an incredible amount of flexibility – not to mention the savings in maintenance.


So, what business phone system is best for your business?

Just like with any product, the best one is the one that suits your needs and just like with any other professional product you should consult a specialist. You wouldn’t get your plumber to give you advice on wiring a new light switch, so you should get an experienced communications supplier to give you advice on the best phone system to suit your business needs.

The rapidly changing communications environment can be tricky to navigate, that’s why our team are here. The best phone system for your business is one that’s tailored to suit your specific needs, so, contact our expert team and future-proof your communication needs.


Elite Group is one of the UK’s leading unified communication providers, supplying reliable and professional IT and unified communication services to organisations seeking Business MobileCloudNetworkingConnectivity, and Telephony solutions.

For more information on how Elite Group can power your unified communication solutions,  call us or request a quote today.

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