Encouraging Employee Engagement with Communication Technology

Updated: November 21st, 2022

How Workvivo is Fuelling Employee Engagement at Elite

Embracing hybrid working has given many benefits to our team and our business, from providing better flexibility to facilitate a better work-life balance to improving recruitment prospects and lowering our carbon footprint. Our company culture is something that we pride ourselves on and we’ve worked very hard to ensure our business is a positive and great place to work. However, with employees working in various locations, we faced the challenge of maintaining our culture and ensuring everyone still felt connected regardless of where they work. We were looking for a way to bring our team closer together through levelling-up our internal communications and providing more opportunities for our team to engage with each other and with the business. As an industry-leading provider of communication technology, we knew that leveraging technology by going beyond traditional methods of internal communication would help us to achieve this mission. We found the answer in the employee engagement platform, Workvivo.

What is Workvivo?

The format of Workvivo is similar to other social networks, in that it allows us to share posts, updates and links with our team about our news, events and important information. It also provides an opportunity for employees to engage within this internal content and with each other in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Posting shout-outs that show appreciation for the hard work of individuals and teams
  • Sharing stories and pictures of their work day
  • Raising awareness of any charity work/efforts they are taking part in
  • Sharing useful links

We also share a variety of content to keep our team healthy and ensure they feel looked after, such as information and articles about mental health, links to podcasts and playlists to encourage them to take suitable breaks. Workvivo also encourages our team to get involved by sharing ideas and suggestions, which helps us to improve the experience of both our teams and our customers and improve our business as a whole.

How Does Workvivo Benefit Our Team?

The Workvivo platform and the content we post within it, connects our employees across all of our offices, as well as our remote and hybrid workers. No matter where our team is working, through this technology we are capable of bringing our culture to them.

With Workvivo, our values are front and centre which encourages our team to focus their attention on them and ensure they are being implemented during our day-to-day activities. Our staff are always kept up to date with active communication every single day. It also provides a place where our team can get to know each other and develop professional relationships, which brings them closer together.

Speaking about our new platform, our Senior Business Analyst, Chris Cunningham, who played a big role within the team responsible for implementing Workvivo, said:

“Workvivo was brought into Elite to change, improve and encourage more employee engagement, to ensure that all workers felt they were part of day-to-day life and our employee community, wherever they worked. The platform is simple and enjoyable to work with and delivers maximum impact and benefits. The adoption and usage of Workvivo has paid off tremendously, with all of our workers engaging with the platform, maintaining meaningful professional relationships and working together better than ever before. It has been successful, not just in helping us continue to promote our workplace culture, but in improving it and helping us to achieve our mission to be the best place to work.”

Workvivo provides a space for us to share our passion and dedication for Elite’s mission of being a company and employer of choice. This incredible resource is helping us to bring excitement into our workplace, as well as inspire, motivate and appreciate our team every single day.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the amazing team at Workvivo for their guidance and collaboration, as well as our in-house teams who have made implementation of our new platform such a success. Using this technology contributes to our mission of being an employer of choice and we’re always on the lookout for further solutions and initiatives to help us fulfil this mission.

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