Setting the Standard | Celebrating ISO Success

Updated: September 26th, 2022

We’re Proud To Have Successfully Passed Our ISO Audit.


We’ve had a busy few weeks preparing for our annual ISO audit and we are beyond thrilled to announce that we have successfully passed! This year is very important to us, as we not only passed our existing accreditations, we also passed our new ISO 45001 Health & Safety accreditation with flying colours.

ISO audits are never an easy feat as they incorporate our offices in Chorley, the Isle of Man and Wrexham. However, this was our best audit yet and we’re thrilled that all of our offices are working to these accreditations, as it shows our processes are efficient, effective and ensures we are providing the best service for our customers.

Achieving success across all four accreditations is a big accomplishment within itself, but we are incredibly proud to have passed our audit without a single non-conformity. This is a rare achievement, especially with this being the first year we undertook a new accreditation! This success is testament to the hard work of our team, who ensured documentation was up to date, were on hand to demonstrate their knowledge of our processes and articulated our operations to the auditors efficiently and professionally. Without this diligence, we wouldn’t have achieved this success.



What Do Our ISO Accreditations Mean for Our Customers?

We currently hold four ISO accreditations: ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 22301 and our new accreditation ISO 45001.

ISO 9001 | Quality Management

This accreditation highlights the quality of our management system. It demonstrates that we have a structure that we follow within our service and ensures that we are always providing consistent, efficient and quality service to our customers.

What Are the Benefits of ISO 9001?

Our ISO 9001 accreditation provides a wealth of benefits for both our business and our customers. First of all, achieving this international standard shows that our operations are efficient and our decision-making processes are based on fact, making them streamlined and methodical. Having well organised processes improves both our customer’s satisfaction, as they are receiving a high-quality service and our employees’ experience, as they know their role is supported standardised operations.


ISO 27001 | Information Security Management

This accreditation is the international standard for information security and ensures that our people, processes and technology all align with best practices to keep our data secure. This standard ensures that we have established, implemented, monitored, reviewed and continually improved our information security standards.

What Are the Benefits of ISO 27001?

Adhering to this standard , obviously, ensures that we are continuously protecting our business from security threats. From cyber-attacks to accidental breaches within the organisation, this accreditation means we are working tirelessly to keep our business data secure. It provides peace of mind to our customers that their data that is stored within our system is heavily protected and that we are committed to taking information security seriously, by always following best practices.


ISO 22301 | Business Continuity Management

This accreditation demonstrates that we implement, maintain and improve our management system to both reduce the chances of business disruption and be able to respond to/recover from any disruptions when they arise. It shows that we have effective processes and resources in place to keep our business going and continue to provide an outstanding service to our customers, regardless of any issues or disruption we may be facing at any given time.

What Are the Benefits of ISO 22301?

The first major advantage of this accreditation is that it demonstrates that we are committed to being there for our customers. It also shows that we are proactive by having processes in place, so that if our business does experience disruption, we can continue to help our customers efficiently.


ISO 45001 | Health & Safety

Our new accreditation ensures that our workspace is safe and we are protecting our employees, and visitors from work-related accidents and diseases. It demonstrates that we are providing a healthy and safe working environment for our team and anyone who visits our offices.

What Are the Benefits of ISO 45001?

The obvious advantage of this accreditation is that it shows that the safety of our team is a priority. Secondly, we want to go further than simply ensuring our offices are a safe place to work, we want our workspaces to be an environment where our team feel comfortable and cared for and this accreditation demonstrates this commitment. A happy work environment, ensures a happy team who are then able to provide the best service for our customers.

Empowered By Our Team

Our successful audit demonstrated once again that our team is our best asset. We’d like to thank all members of our team for facilitating this success. However, there are a few particular individuals we would like to say an extra special thank you to for all their hard work preparing for this audit:

  • Our amazing Compliance Officer, Melissa Carter, for her organisation, preparation and overall handling of the audit itself.
  • Paul Bachen, our Compliance Consultant who ensured all processes were documented effectively.
  • Our Chief of Operations, Alex Cliffe and our Technology Director, Greg Voller, who supported Melissa during the process.
  • Our Internal IT Manager Jack Everson and the rest of our Internal IT Team who worked hard to ensure we maintained our ISO 27001 accreditation.
  • Our Facilities and Front of House Co-Ordinator, Emily Hampson, and our Purchasing Executive, Emily May-Kellett, for all of their work taking care of the auditors during their visit and ensuring our office is a welcoming environment.
  • Our Senior Systems Engineer, Shaun Griffiths, who ensured everything in our Wrexham Office was in order ready for the audit.


During the audit process, members of our team are chosen to represent their respective teams and offices. Having to answer questions as part of the audit process can be daunting and we would like to say a huge well done and thank you to the following individuals for representing Elite Group so professionally:

  • First Contact Team Leader – Nathan Fisher
  • Sales Operations Manager – Leanne Gibbons
  • Provisioning team Manager – Kenny Gawne
  • Head of UC Services – Pete Harris
  • Facilities and Front of House Co-Ordinator – Emily Hampson
  • Head of Software Development – James Dawson
  • Software Development Junior Project Manager – Alex Farrell
  • Director of Service Delivery – Neil Finnerty
  • Internal IT Service Engineer – Adeeb Zia
  • HR Officer – Lisa Brown
  • Learning & Development Advisor – Morgan Ashworth
  • Change Team Leader – Alex Guest


Despite the hard work and pressure that comes with preparing for such prestigious accreditations, it’s absolutely worth it, as it ensures that we are consistently fulfilling our mission to be the best company to work with and an employer of choice.