Benefits of UCaaS for Remote Workers

Updated: December 12th, 2023

How Cloud-based Communications are Enabling Remote Work in a More Unified Way

Benefits of UCaaS for Remote Workers

Employees today have more freedom over where they work than ever before. However, with employees based across different locations, it creates a challenge for businesses when it comes to maintaining efficient, effective communication and collaboration to ensure projects are completed as planned, regardless of whether teams are in the office, working remotely, or a combination of both.

This is made more complicated by the fact that ‘business communication’ is no longer limited to emails and phone calls. Today, communications channels include voice and text (including instant messaging), as well as video and web conferencing, data sharing and email, with teams needing the ability to seamlessly shift between channels.

This is where UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) has transformed business communications from a disjointed ‘multi-channel’ system into a unified platform, allowing remote workers to connect and communicate with each other from multiple locations as easily as if they were in the same office

So, what are the key benefits of UCaaS for remote workers? Let’s explore them.

1. Improved Productivity

One of the most significant advantages of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), is the reported rise in productivity for the teams using it. Firms using UCaaS make decisions 2.6 times faster than companies not using UCaaS solutions, according to research from Forrester. Through using a UCaaS platform, remote employees are able to continue communicating and collaborating in real-time on projects, avoiding the need for lengthy email exchanges, text threads or constant catch-ups to stay on top of work. Cloud-based systems allow for a more transparent oversight of project progression, allowing team members to work together on files, monitor project progress and communicate within their team, all from the same application.

Improved Productivity

2. Enhanced Flexibility and Mobility

Flexibility and mobility are key aspects of remote working (as employees must be able to access all their essential systems and tools regardless of where they are).

This is particularly important when it comes to communication, as teams must be reachable internally and by customers in order to retain high levels of service, satisfaction and collaboration. With UCaaS, teams simply need a mobile device and a reliable internet connection to have access to all their communication channels on the go.

This seamless accessibility ensures remote workers remain fully integrated with the rest of their team, making distance virtually irrelevant and making it much easier to manage remote teams. It also increases a business’s ability to expand and build a presence in a new area, as they no longer require traditional hardware or fixed networks. Instead, they simply need a business address and an internet connection to set up a communication network.

3. Cost-Effective Communications Solutions

UCaaS presents a great opportunity for cost savings by consolidating multiple communication channels into a single, all-encompassing platform. With all channels operating from a single system, companies eliminate the costs of multiple subscription payments and unnecessary hardware. With UCaaS, there’s no requirement to spend extra on advanced features, such as web conferencing, since they come as part of the service. Investing in UCaaS solutions reduces the need for costly on-premise hardware and there’s no need to purchase new handsets (unless you want to) as the solution can be accessed from PCs, tablets and mobile devices. 

4. Scalability

A major benefit of UCaaS systems, with regard to remote teams, is the ease with which companies can scale and evolve their communications network, regardless of location. Unlike traditional communication networks – which rely on fixed lines and static hardware – integrating employees into a UC system is simple. New accounts can be created with the UCaaS provider, and team members will have instant access to the central communication hub and all the channels they need. All this can be completed in a matter of minutes.

UCaaS also allows some flexibility over devices being used in businesses. As UCaaS operates on a software model, it means businesses can deploy Bring Your Own Device policies into the business, simply providing access to the software and allowing teams to use whatever device works best for them.

5. Adaptability

The last few years have proven the truth of the cliche that you never know what challenges are around the corner, and you never know what the business landscape will look like in the future. For businesses operating in rapidly changing environments, being adaptable is critical. Again, this was proven at the start of the new decade, as the businesses that were best able to deal with challenges caused by the Covid pandemic were those best able to adapt their operations. 

With UCaaS, businesses have access to an agile, flexible and scalable communications and collaboration solution that enables teams to work as effectively from home and on the go, as they do in the office. Should an event occur that prevents your team from entering the office, operations can continue, as your team can work from home, without compromising productivity. With UCaaS, your business is ready to handle a situation that prevents access to your physical premises. 

How Cloud-based Communications are Enabling Remote Work in a More Unified Way

6. Platform Integration

UCaaS platforms can integrate existing business platforms and applications, to provide access to the tools and data your teams require, all from one unified space. Combine applications, such as Microsoft Office, alongside CRM systems within your UCaaS solution to boost productivity, fuel powerful collaboration and save your team time through reducing the need to jump between applications. 

7. Elimination of Duplication Purchases

Software duplication is a significant risk in large organisations, especially those operating multiple locations across multiple countries. Typically it’s a symptom of disconnected departments or individuals (which can be a higher risk in remote teams) who inadvertently subscribe to similar software with overlapping features that are used by others. By deploying a single UCaaS platform company-wide, the risk of duplication is significantly reduced – if not entirely eliminated – because all communication channels are combined within one platform. 

Optimising Remote Teams with UCaaS Solutions From Elite Group

Benefits of UCaaS for Remote Workers

UCaaS systems are indispensable for remote teams, and businesses focused on business growth and fostering productive environments. UCaaS not only improves collaboration and communication among remote teams, it allows businesses to optimise processes, reduce costs, adapt to changing environments, and scale communication networks easily.

At Elite Group, we have years of experience helping businesses make the most of UCaaS solutions to improve how they work and communicate. We’re proud to hold a range of prestigious partnerships and accreditations with the biggest UCaaS brands in the industry and our team of highly-trained, certified specialists are ready to help you find the perfect UCaaS solution to reach your business goals. Get in touch with Elite Group today, and our experts will work with you to identify your needs and find the UCaaS platform, integrations and features that meet those specific needs.