Elite Storm - Cloud Contact Centre

Enhance your customer engagement and take your Customer Experience to the next level with Elite Storm, our next generation Cloud Contact Centre Solution.

Any Channel, Anytime, Anywhere

Elite Storm – Cloud Contact Centre allows you to deliver your customers a complete omnichannel experience enabling chat, email, fax, social media, text message, voice and web engagement. With the ability to offer a personalised experience and the power to track your customers’ experience and satisfaction.

Customer Experience & Efficiency

Customer Experience & Efficiency

With a single agent user interface Elite Storm Cloud Contact Centre means you can view an entire conversation even when a customer switches channels offering a more personalised experience. With intelligent routing to serve customers quicker, live dashboards, wallboards and reports our Cloud Based system increases contact centre efficiency.

Bespoke integrations with existing business systems allow for seamless agent workflow activity, Contact Centre efficiency and improved customer experiences all round. Making it easier to attend to your customer needs, saving time and money all while delivering an improved customer experience. Intelligent algorithms, leveraging principles such as Mediated Interaction Matching (MIM), calculate routing based on factors such as personality and skill level to optimise contact centre effectiveness.

Communication Continuity

Communication Continuity

Elite Storm is a highly scalable and resilient cloud-based contact centre allowing agents access to customer information without leaving the app. Agents can work from anywhere allowing for improved business continuity, ensuring your contact centre continues to operate during periods where you would otherwise be discounted from your customers. Integration with secure payment systems, as well as management information, allows you to deliver a seamless, highly functional environment. Assimilation with 3rd-party systems, including CRM, provides agents with the necessary information to provide consistent cross-channel customer service.

Intelligent and Flexible

Intelligent and Flexible

Through the use of intelligent automation and routing, customers can effortlessly reach the right agent for help using their chosen channel. By utilising intelligent routing software, customers are routed to the best available agent every time by using skill level algorithms. Skill level routing algorithms can be personalised depending on opening hours, agent availability, or even by demand; this ensures that customers who may have more complex queries are directed to an agent who has the skills and experience to help. Utilising personality traits and experience ensure that the customer can be connected to the best possible agent and ultimately resolve their query quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, Elite Storm Cloud Contact Centre prioritises the preference of agents by allowing flexible working conditions through a user-friendly, browser-based interface. With more agents working remotely in the contact centre industry, this can now be achieved through the flexibility that Elite Storm Cloud Contact Centre provides.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

There’s no need to outlay for any new hardware, Elite Storm Cloud Contact Centre integrates with a substantial array of infrastructure. With a significant amount of agent time spent searching multiple disparate systems with customers waiting and becoming more frustrated as the seconds pass, it is crucial that businesses can reach a solution for this issue. Elite Storm Cloud Contact Centre, as a cloud-based service, offers businesses the ability to integrate seamlessly with any third-party system, database, or remote information storage. The platform can be effortlessly integrated with either existing data infrastructure or any storage systems that are introduced at a later date.

Integrate is able to obtain data from remote systems, combining this with other modules to provide comprehensive service monitoring and reporting capabilities. Providing a toolkit that leverages Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) technology, the platform can be linked with all necessary systems for the everyday function of a business.

Business Benefits


The modular deployment model allows organisations to build end-to-end solutions tailored to their exact requirements.

Complete Scalability

Elite Storm Cloud Contact Centre’s unrivalled scalability enables organisations to easily cope with rapid increases in demand.


Elite Storm Cloud Contact Centre operates at a 99.999% reliability rate as standard, ensuring a consistently active service.


Elite Storm Cloud Contact Centre can integrate into any third-party or legacy system to provide a comprehensive customer service experience.


Intelligent automation capabilities reduce time spent on repetitive enquiries, allowing agents to focus on complex queries, and to specialise.

Technical Checklist

  • Omni-channel capable allowing clients to commutate via any method
  • Ability to offer personal experience
  • Ability to track your customers experience and satisfaction
  • Single-agent interface for all interactions
  • Intelligent Routing to serve customers quicker and increase efficiency
  • Live dashboards, wallboards and reports to monitor Contact Centre efficiency
  • Bespoke integration with your own business systems
  • Secure communications between your customer and your agents
  • PCI compliant payment option

Personalise your Elite Storm Cloud Contact Centre experience

Make it what you want and need, modular deployment allows for bespoke end to end solutions so you can scale and tailor the system to your exact needs.


Elite Storm Customer Knowledge System® (CKS) is a lightweight CRM, case management, ticketing, and knowledge management system that dynamically updates records and provides a 360-degree view of the customer.


Elite Storm DATA MANAGEMENT allows information to be imported from a third-party database and used to create databases on storm. This data can create customised contact lists for effective mass outbound campaigns.


Elite Storm FLOW is a drag and drop multi-channel service creation interface that enables complex services to be created and updated in real time, meaning that changes in service can be rolled out across an entire estate simultaneously.


Elite Storm INTEGRATE supports flexible integration with virtually any third-party back-end system including CRM, Workforce Management (WFM), Workforce Optimisation (WFO), and analytics technology, as well as proprietary systems such as electricity monitoring and patient information resources.


Elite Storm’s PCI compliant payment suite, LOCK and PADLOCK, enable customers to make both automated and agent-assisted payments, without ever revealing their card details to another human. When making payments over the phone, tone masking enables agents to stay on the line with customers to offer assistance without breaching PCI regulations.


Elite Storm MACHINE AGENT acts as an intermediary between storm and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, enabling organisations to provide end-to-end personalised customer engagement and automate communications using intelligent automated learning.


Elite Storm OUTBOUND offers fully integrated outbound campaign management with support across dialler, SMS, webchat, email and social media. This enables organisations to deliver compelling outbound communication on any scale, all whilst supporting Predictive, Progressive and Preview. OUTBOUND blends with INBOUND to provide full communications control across the entire storm solution.


Elite Storm QM offers the functionality to gain full control over contact centre quality standards; providing everything needed to meet quality objectives as well as training new staff in best practices. Elite Storm QM also integrates into other storm modules such as VIEW and CKS for greater analysis and reporting.

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