Urban Bliss Fashion Case Study

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Urban Bliss Fashion working with the Elite team

Urban Bliss Fashion Case Study Overview

Urban Bliss is a multichannel fashion design brand, based in the bustling heart of Manchester. Urban Bliss approached Elite to find a more suitable telephone system that allowed their team to effectively communicate from anywhere. As their current system was outdated and no longer fit for purpose, the solution needed to include more modernized features, be cost-effective and have scope for scalability.

Elite introduced a Horizon Collaboration solution which provided the ability to take calls on both laptops and mobile phones.

Overall, the Horizon Collaboration solution allowed Urban Bliss to become more agile with their communication, connect from anywhere and have the skills and knowledge to manage the system themselves with support on hand when needed.


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Urban Bliss Fashion Case Study Highlights


Effective Hybrid Working

Horizon Collaboration empowered Urban Bliss’ team to work from both the office and from home effectively.


Quick Answers

Queries and requests are managed by our ServiceNow portal for quick and easy answers and support.


Simple Support

Should something go wrong, Urban Bliss can easily log support tickets within our ServiceNow portal.


Expert Training

Training was provided by an expert Elite Engineer, so the team knew how to operate the telephone system effectively.

Due to my technology background, I immediately knew that our existing telephony system was not fit for purpose, especially during the stresses of the current pandemic. It was a high priority to support our staff and our customers with the demands of the new way of working. We needed a system that we could use onsite, on the go and from home, which we could manage ourselves, but still have support on hand.

Vanessa Worsley | Director of Finance, Urban Bliss