Elite Group Employee Awards 2020 – The Customer Experience Award

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January 26 2021  

Nathan Fisher, Customer Experience Winner

Like many companies, we rely on our employees to provide excellent service to our customers, create opportunities and drive business productivity and efficiencies both for our customers and for our business.

Our employee awards each year look to recognise, value and empower our team to reach their potential and deliver the best possible service to our customers at the same time.

The emphasis for us at Elite is to ensure we deliver benchmark levels of Customer Experience. It is therefore fitting that the winner of the Customer Experience Award , Nathan Fisher, is a shining example of how our team members go the extra mile in order to ensure we consistently deliver excellent customer service.

This accolade is true acknowledgement  of the  employee who puts customers at the heart of everything they do, as acknowledged by our customers themselves.

” Nathan puts customer service and experience at the heart of everything. He is helpful, friendly and always a great team player. He supports members of his team and those across the business, he is a pleasure to work with.” Alex Cliff | Chief Operating Officer


We sat down with Nathan to see what he had to say about his award win. Here are some of the highlights.

Nathan congratulations, can tell us a bit about you and your role at Elite Group? 

Thank you! I work in our First Contact Team and as the name suggests, we are the first point of contact for our customers. Part of my role is to ensure our clients are served to the highest standard. We are targeted by many KPIs, but the main ones are: First Response Time, Resolution Time and Customer Satisfaction.

I pride myself in ensuring the whole team is meeting these targets and servicing our customers in the way they deserve to be.


What does it mean to you to win this award? 

As someone who is the biggest advocate of customer experience, I am extremely proud to have won this award. I think an excellent customer experience is the best sales tool any organisation can have, and I know how keen Elite Group is to continue to embed this ethos. So, to win this award is brilliant as it just reinforces that I am saying and doing the right things in the eyes of the business and by my colleagues who voted for me. 


Have you received any other awards previously or is this a first for you? 

Last year, in my first few months at Elite -pre COVID-19, I won the Best Newcomer Award. I was nominated by my colleagues and collected the award at the Manchester Christmas Party. I was immensely proud and happy with winning that award but in hindsight winning the Customer Experience tops it. This year, me and the rest of the First Contact team would love to win the Team of the Year award.

This award is voted by your peers, does that make it extra-special? 

Absolutely! The energy you put out affects others which is why I try to be a positive influence. In my job, I have the opportunity to connect with people and have a true and measurable impact on their customer satisfaction levels.

To know that I have been recognised for my ability to deliver great customer experience by my colleagues makes this award extra-special, especially given the industry, my role, and the team I work within. I could not have won a better award.


How are you finding working from home?  

I am enjoying working from home. Elite has provided me with all the equipment I need to do this successfully, including providing me with a laptop and a second monitor. I actually purchased a second-hand computer chair from Facebook marketplace and invested in a desk from IKEA and now my office/former dressing room/dumping ground for rubbish has been transformed into a corporate office! 

The technology software Elite Group provide us such as Teams, ServiceNow and Hosted Desktop has made the transition seamless. Hopefully, Elite Group will introduce a hybrid model after lockdown, so we get the benefit of office time but also have the flexibility to work remotely.  


How has Lockdown been for you so far?   

Productive. I have enjoyed the time I have been able to just relax and the quality time I’ve had with the limited family I can see. As I’ve  had no sporting commitments of an evening, I have been able to dedicate some time in my self-development, mostly through reading. I’ve also taken up running. My aim is to complete a 15km run in under 1hr – I am hoping lockdown 3 will help this! But, I must not forget the time I’ve spent really poor TV (such as Love Island USA) which my girlfriend makes me watch…


I try to see three positives for every negative and lockdown has provided many of both!


We are in another lockdown, how are you feeling about that? 

As I have already mentioned the transition to Working from Home was made seamless by Elite Group right from the start. The fact we are into another lockdown does not phase me as I know we are still able to service our customers the same way we would in the office as we have all the same equipment and tools available. Obviously, I am looking forward to seeing the team in person, but the health and wellbeing of the world is more important right now. 


What excites you most about your future at Elite Group? 

Progression! I am very keen to climb the ladder at Elite and develop my knowledge along with mentoring and assisting others. I enjoy the role, camaraderie and ethos of the business so I am just excited to see how things go. 


Can you describe working for Elite Group in three words? 





If you could give a new starter to Elite Group any advice, what would it be? 

Treat every day as a school day, ask lots of questions and make lots of friends. Your colleagues are your best source of knowledge and customers are your best friends. Don’t be scared to ask a silly question and don’t be scared of making a mistake. 


What have you spent your prize-winners money on?  

I spent £70 of it on craft beer from my local brewery, Withnells Brewery (It was Christmas after all!). I also got a very good deal on a new Hugo Boss watch in the Christmas sale and spent the remaining money on the FA Cup replica shirt from my beloved Chorley Football Club. The team recently made history by beating Derby County in the FA Cup and making the 4th Round for the first time in their history. This will join the vast collection of shirts I have collected over the years and will eventually make it up onto the wall in my newly converted office. 


We pride ourselves on employing the best people here at Elite Group. Our culture is designed to nurture talent, support and inspire people to achieve their ambitions. We do this by rewarding success every step of the way, ensuring that staff are engaged, determined and equipped with the skills necessary to succeed. This is because we know that happy, engaged employees are more productive, more likely to stay with the company and more likely to contribute to a positive working atmosphere.


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