Employee Awards from 2020 – The Lockdown Team Award

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January 28 2021  

For Elite Group, the first lockdown was one of our busiest times

We instigated our remote working policy, processes and procedures whilst ensuring there was zero disruption to the high levels of customer service we pride ourselves on delivering to our clients.

At the same time, we reached out to support our customers in order to get them up and running with remote working. This ensured they and their businesses remained as productive and profitable as possible, despite the challenging circumstances posed by the pandemic.

All our teams performed brilliantly without exception. They overcame every challenge and are a credit to themselves and the company as a whole. One team’s stand-out performance was highlighted for recognition in the Employee Awards ceremony.

Our Lockdown Team Award Winner was the Software Development Team.  The accolade was in recognition of the team who best adapted to lockdown and raised their standards along the way.

We sat down with James Dawson, Head of Software Development, to see what he had to say about his team winning the award. Here are some of the highlights.


Can you tell us more about the Software Development Team at Elite Group?

As a Software Development team, we design, develop, implement and maintain software for our customers and internal departments at Elite. We service customers across numerous sectors and of a variety of sizes.

We’ve written many different systems from smaller but critical apps through to large line of business systems for Housing Associations, as well as numerous systems for critical blue-light services.


What does it mean to your team to win this award?

We’re really proud to win a team award! We are a very close-knit group and have thrived under lockdown. We have all been very supportive of each other, both in work and socially and helped each other cope with the undoubted weirdness of the whole situation caused by Covid-19.

We would all rather win a team award than an individual one, because we all work together on projects and it really is a team effort. The old adage that ‘there is no “I” in team’ definitely suits us!

We’re all proud to be part of the Software Development Team. We all take pride in each other’s great feedback from customers and what we’ve been able to achieve for our clients over the last 12 months.


This award is voted by your peers, does that make it extra-special?

The Software Development team joined Elite Group as part of the MWL Systems acquisition, so we have only been part of the Group for 18 months. To win a team award already is an amazing achievement and it’s great to have recognition outside of the department for the hard work we’ve put in.

This award is particularly nice as we truly believe in and embrace the ‘One Elite’ ethos, and I feel that our eagerness to help and work with other departments has helped us gain the acknowledgement from outside the team.


How is the team finding working from home? 

The team has performed brilliantly, adapted amazingly well to the changes in work and life in general in the Covid-19 age. The team has reacted superbly, taking everything in their stride and working just as effectively from home as we did in the office.

As a team. we continued our daily morning stand-up meetings but have also added a daily, evening catchup too. This has been a great success, as it has allowed us to stay really connected feel supported and given us a platform to share and vent! Throughout the day the team stays in contact via Teams, a platform where we can ask for help collaborate on work or just have a chat – it’s almost like being in the office.

However, you could say our team had the advantage of adopting collaborative software such as Microsoft Teams, as we were already communicating with our customer bases right across the country via Teams. That meant we had no problem adapting to communicating with all of our customers, even local ones via the same platform. This has resulted in us being able to maintain and strengthen the relationships with our customers whilst working from home. Because we are a friendly and open bunch, we’ve been able to build strong camaraderie with all of our customers and their staff and work really well together, making them part of our “extended team”.

As well as working seamlessly with our customers, we have also been able to work as we would do if we were together in the office. The systems that we have in place has helped greatly.

I’d like to say that our directors have helped us immensely. They’ve empowered managers to make WFH seamless and suited to each person individually needs. As a manager myself, it’s wonderful knowing I can offer individuals the flexibility and support needed to help them both in work and at home. Directives allowing us to help individuals who are working around child-care and home-schooling commitments is simply fantastic and it cannot be overstated how much this is appreciated.


How has Lockdown been for your team so far?  

Full of support, humour and positivity. We’ve been busier than ever and there has been a real team effort which is helping us get through all the work!


We are in another lockdown, how is your team feeling about that?

Really positive! We know we’ll get support from outside of the team from Elite Group and also know that we are there to support each other as a team. We have proven processes and systems, that are not just working but are working extremely well and have proven effective since we started working from home. The Software Development team continue to receive positive feedback and thanks of appreciation from our customers which is what it is all about.


What excites you most about your team’s future at Elite Group?

The potential! We’re getting to work with some of the existing and wider Elite Group customer base who are new to the Software Development department, so, showing them what we can offer is always fun! We are also looking forward to getting involved in some of the internal systems and helping colleagues across Elite Group drive efficiency.


How would you describe Elite Group as a place to work? 

Elite is a great place to work! It has a very collaborative and supportive environment with a great bunch of people who genuinely get on well.

Elite Group genuinely places staff at the forefront of everything they do.


If you could give a new starter to Elite Group any advice, what would it be?

Always look for ways to improve and feel confident to voice your suggestions. Embrace the ‘One Elite’ ethos and value making lasting relationships with customers.


What have you spent your prize-winners money on? 

I’m not sure what the rest of the team bought, but as I’m the wrong side of 40, I did the ‘rock and roll thing’ of buying a new vacuum cleaner!

Each year, and even throughout the year, Elite Group recognise the importance of recognition and dedication in the workplace for all employees. Our awards are a small part of this recognition, allowing us to show our appreciation for all the hard work and commitment our talented teams and individuals show.


At Elite Group, we pride ourselves on employing the best people. Our culture is designed to nurture talent, support and inspire people to achieve their ambitions. We do this by rewarding success every step of the way, ensuring that staff are engaged, determined and equipped with the skills necessary to succeed. This is because we know that happy, engaged employees are more productive, more likely to stay with the company and more likely to contribute to a positive working atmosphere.

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