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The 9 Benefits Of Choosing The ‘Next Generation’ Virtual Hosted Desktop By Elite


Many businesses considering moving their IT to a private cloud-based system will be looking at a Hosted Desktop Solution however, many still don’t fully understand the business benefits this can bring. Going hosted brings many business benefits and in this article, we will round up the most compelling reasons for businesses to make the leap to a virtual hosted desktop solution.

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Improve Business Efficiency, Productivity And Customer Satisfaction With Mitel

26th May 2020

As a Mitel Gold Partner, we know poor communications, internally and externally, can have a real impact on the bottom line with reduced profitability. Elite Group and Mitel have the perfect answer wit...

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A Peek Behind the Screen: The Stats Behind Our Online Life in Lockdown

22nd May 2020

There has been a huge spike in customer broadband traffic since lockdown was announced, we thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at the stats to see how our online habits have changed ...

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Mental Awareness Week With Alex Cliffe And Elite Group

22nd May 2020

COVID-19 may have disrupted our lives, but it has also shown our potential for huge acts of kindness, both as individuals and, critically, as a company to work for. This week we would like to promote...

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Technology Providers Are Adapting To Support Business Change

20th May 2020

Teams Talk unlocks the full potential of the Microsoft Teams environment by enabling feature-rich voice services in a simple price per user model. Teams Talk enables many features associated with trad...

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Turn Your Remote Team Into A Much More Successful And Productive Operation

15th May 2020

Horizon is a hosted business telephone service that resides in the cloud rather than your office. It provides an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities accessed through an easy-to-...

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Video Calls, Meetings And Collaboration Work Well Most Of The Time But……

14th May 2020

Team meetings and one on one video calls in combination with collaboration systems have seen remote working flourish with amazing results in productivity and efficiency. That’s an incredible positiv...

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Don’t Let Your Local Phone Number Restrict International Business

13th May 2020

Let Your International Customers Call Local So You Can Trade Globally. Geography shouldn’t restrict business anymore when you can have a local phone number in almost every major city across the glob...

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Why Is Customer Experience And Satisfaction So Important?

11th May 2020

Customer experience management is the practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed customer expectations and, thus, increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocac...

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How To Work From Home Without Losing Your Sanity And Family

6th May 2020

Working from home is not the same as working from your physical employment location. There are far too many differences and considering those should be paramount. It’s about finding a balance that w...

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