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What Is Perimeter Security? The Basics And Why We Need It.


Perimeter Security technologies provide a range of security services from basic firewall protection through to end-to-end security for your network and business. Why do we need security systems for our networks? The statistics speak for themselves.

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Is Your Business Mobile Provider Giving You Good Enough Customer Service?

3rd September 2018

As a business mobile provider we often talk to customers who have experienced poor customer service and aftercare once the initial contract has been signed with their previous supplier. A business ...

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8 Reasons Your Business Should Consider Hosted Desktop

30th August 2018

More and more businesses are opting for a hosted desktop solution. Going hosted confers many business benefits. In this article, we list eight of them. But first, it is worthwhile giving an overview ...

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A VoIP Crash Course (For SMEs)

22nd August 2018

According to the Ofcom’s recent report, SMEs’ Communications Needs, many SMEs have concerns about migrating to VoIP – even though there are significant advantages to doing so. According to the ...

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Leased Lines: What Business Owners Should Know

14th August 2018

The internet plays a crucial role in the way the majority of businesses operate today. But the telecoms and communications world is a confusing one. And this means that many business owners are using ...

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We Have Secured A £30M Refinancing Deal

13th August 2018

We're delighted to announce that we have secured a £30 million refinancing deal with Lloyds Bank! The funds will be used to continue our acquisition strategy – which, to date, has seen us make 16 ...

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Alex Cliffe Has Been Nominated for Two Women in IT Excellence Awards

6th August 2018

Now in their second year, the Women in IT Excellence Awards aim to shine a spotlight on mould-breaking, ceiling-smashing female talent within the tech industry. With a mission statement like that, yo...

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Empower Your Employees and Boost Your Business with Hosted Desktop

2nd August 2018

In times gone by, offices – and offices alone – were where the work happened. But today, employees can work from pretty much anywhere. Creating a more flexible working environment can lead to hug...

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Elite Group Travels Back to the Roaring 20s for the Annual Summer Ball

27th July 2018

Elite Group's annual Summer Ball look place on 13 July at the Titanic Hotel in Liverpool. With a 1920's theme, the event featured plenty of feather boas, braces, waistcoats, flat caps and even some p...

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Who Owns The Internet?

26th July 2018

Since its initial conception and early development more than 50 years ago, the internet has had a bigger impact on the world than perhaps any other invention…ever. But the internet is a strange thi...

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