How Connectivity Drives Business

Technological advances have had an enormous impact on the workplace. In order for today’s businesses to be successful, they need to take advantage of these advancements. And this is impossible without great connectivity.

Connectivity is a word that’s thrown around a lot these days. And there’s a good reason for that. Never in its history has mankind been so connected. Today, it’s easy to communicate with people all over the world.

In fact, according to Parag Khanna, the best-selling author, “Mankind has a new maxim – connectivity is destiny – and the most connected powers, and people, will win.”


What Is Connectivity?

It all sounds like very exciting stuff!

But, hold on, what do we mean when we say connectivity? What exactly is it that has got Khanna – and other business pundits – so excited?

Connectivity is a word with many meanings. However, in the tech world – and certainly in this article – we’re using it to mean something quite specific.

Good Connectivity Helps Businesses

For us, connectivity refers to the process of connecting various parts of a network to one another, as well as how efficiently parts of the network are able to communicate with each other.

Save for your 12-year-old neighbour’s lemonade stand, practically every modern business has a network – or a group of one or more devices that can communicate. Since so much of our working lives takes place online, how well these devices are connected goes a long way to determining how efficient a business is.

Good connectivity will enhance collaboration, streamline processes, secure assets, link up geographically-dispersed offices, help reach out to new consumers, communicate with existing customers and more.

On the other hand, bad connectivity will slow down operations, expose your business to threats, make you less competitive and impede internal and external communications.


How Businesses Can Improve Connectivity

Because each business has unique network requirements, the best way to achieve good connectivity is to bypass off-the-shelf services and go for bespoke solutions.

A good tech provider will tailor their solution to match your specific needs. Such an approach reduces wastage, ensures efficient processes, reduces costs and ensures your solution is perfectly suited to your purposes.

Elite Group provides a range of bespoke connectivity solutions.

These include:

MPLS/IPVPN Connectivity

Used to create a Virtual Private Networks, MPLS/IPVPN refers to a family of methods that use Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology to secure network connections.

MPLS/IPVPNs reduce the risk of security breaches and cyberattacks. They encourage productivity by granting secure access to employees in remote locations. And they put your clients at ease – since they know their data is properly secure.

Leased Lines

A leased line is a private circuit to your office or offices. By giving businesses symmetrical connectivity (identical upload and download speeds), higher bandwidth, unlimited usage and a dedicated connection, leased lines are a popular choice for internet access amongst a range of businesses, from small organisations to large enterprises.

Leased lines provide great internet speeds, and are highly secure and incredibly reliable.

Point-to-Point Circuits

Point-to-point circuits give businesses a way to connect multiple sites through their Local Area Network (LAN). Point-to-point circuits are fantastic for connecting multiple sites in a secure, cost effective fashion.

Point-to-point circuits do not directly access the public internet which benefits from complete security, high bandwidth and low latency.


Today’s standard way of connecting to the internet for consumers and small businesses, broadband is a type of high-speed internet connection. Broadband gets its name from the fact it is able to handle a wide range of frequencies.

A good broadband provider will provide a solution made to match your specific business needs. Broadband is a great choice for start-ups and small businesses.

Managed WiFi

A managed WiFi solution allows businesses to create a unified network and implement centralised management – giving them greater control, increased security and more scalability.

By reducing time and resources spent managing non-unified systems, managed WiFi is ideal for businesses looking to increase efficiencies, improve security and monetise their networks.

By choosing a connectivity solution that matches your business’s requirements, your organisation will be better placed to capitalise on all the benefits that modern communications technology offers. In short, the better the connectivity, the smoother, slicker and more efficient the operation.

Elite Group is a leading unified communications and technology provider. We offer a range of connectivity solutions and, with more than 17 years’ experience, are perfectly positioned to provide your business with a connectivity solution that works for you.