Why Customer Service Is Critical in Telecoms

Telecoms makes the world go round. Indeed, communications technology is at the very centre of our lives. Whether it’s messaging a friend or taking an important business call, it’s comms tech that underlies the process.

To communicate with the world, most individuals and businesses rely on a combination of comms services. These include fixed lines, mobile phones, broadband and wireless data. We love them all. Until something goes wrong…

Unfortunately, as with anything, problems do occasionally arise in the provision of comms services. This is inevitable. But dealing with them in the right way is something the provider always has control over.

Here are three reasons why customer service is critical in telecoms.


Telecoms Providers Deliver a Service Not a Product

Comms suppliers deliver a service rather than a product. This means that what their customers receive is largely intangible. As such, price and customer service are key industry differentiators.

Without a good service team, customers can end up waiting for a long time before their issues are understood, escalated and – finally – resolved. While this is annoying for individuals, for businesses it’s worse: it can even mean losing money.


Increased Complexity

In days gone by, telecoms providers had one job – to maintain fixed-line voice networks. Today that their list of responsibilities has grown to include broadband, business, mobile and data services. These services are very different, and require equally different types of hardware and maintenance.

An increase in the number of variables of things that can go wrong means that, well, things are more likely to go wrong. That’s why it’s essential that telecoms providers can provide high-quality customer service across each of their services.


Meeting Customer Expectations

Telecoms is a fast-paced, dynamic industry. When something doesn’t work, people want a solution quick! Telecoms providers need to have in place processes that allow them to identify and resolve any problems as quickly as possible. Customers expect to be able to open a dialogue with their telecoms provider immediately, and to have their issues dealt with professionally and expediently.


Customer Service At Elite Group

We take customer service incredibly seriously. After all, we know that it’s good customer service that keeps our customers coming back again and again. And you don’t have to take our word for it. The data speaks for itself.

Our Net Promoter Score (NPS), a metric used to gauge the loyalty of our customer relationships, has been steadily increasing.

And we’ve reduced complaints by 75 percent over the last year.

We will continue to work hard to make our customer service provision even better. As a customer, this means you can relax in the knowledge that, should you experience any problems, our team will be sure to rectify it quickly and effectively.

Elite Group is the leading unified communications provider. We deliver an unrivalled next generation product portfolio to businesses looking to increases efficiency, cut costs and receive a better ROI.