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A Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Teams


At Elite Group, our Teams Talk packages provide a tailored platform for your communication needs. Teams Talk can unite many traditional voice features with Microsoft Teams to provide one tool for all internal and external collaboration and communication requirements. We have different packages to suite different business sizes and solution needs, so whether you need a simple pay-as-you-go solution or a more advanced unified communications solution we can help you to unlock the full potential of Microsoft Teams.

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Elite Group’s Acquisition of MWL Systems

29th April 2021

We talked to Matt Kingsley-Williams, who is now Elite Group’s Operations Director and was previously Managing Director of MWL Systems. Matt gave us an open, honest and, at times, emotional account o...

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How acquisitions help us to meet the growing needs of UK businesses

16th April 2021

If you’re looking to sell your business in 2021, we are looking to buy. Get in touch with us today to find out about our acquisition process, our expert acquisition team and how an acquisition could...

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Why CX is an Important Part of Mergers and Acquisitions

9th April 2021

Looking to sell your business in 2021? We could provide the solution. We have an expert acquisition team and we take the time to fully get to know you, your business and its needs. You are in control ...

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Acquisitions – What We Are Looking For and Why?

6th April 2021

Now you know what we are looking for in a potential acquisition, if you’re looking to sell your business, why not get in touch with us? You can find out more about our acquisition approach and how i...

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The Benefits of Being Network Agnostic

26th March 2021

Elite understands the frustration of being trapped in an unsuitable business mobile contract. Our business mobile service is completely network agnostic, which allows us to find or create the best con...

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5 Tips to Avoid Mobile Bill Shock

19th March 2021

We are an experienced independent business mobile provider who can supply the best network, tariff plans and solutions for you. We have secured respected relationships with some of the UKs best mobile...

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7 Essential Tips for Business Mobile Security

12th March 2021

Whether your employees are in the office or working from home, it is more important than ever to ensure you are keeping your business’ information secure. At Elite, we are experts in mobile security...

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Developing the Tech Experts who will help us build a better future

10th March 2021

We spoke to management accountant Emma Riley, who is another of our success stories and she is a shining example of the value our apprenticeship scheme brings, both to the individual and the company....

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What are the implications of increased data needs for mobile devices on businesses?

5th March 2021

Elite Group has dedicated mobile specialists to consider the best options for your business needs and the most up to date inside information to help you plan your mobile communication needs. So, give ...

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