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The Elite Group Guide To Help You Through The Labyrinth Of Remote Working Solutions


There are numerous solutions for Unified Communications with remote capabilities, and you should be wary of a ‘one size fits all’ approach. While some collaborative software may suit some, it will not suit others and the same goes for hosted desktop and other communications/technology solutions.

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SIP Trunks – This is not SIP trunks for dummies, it’s SIP for anyone

3rd August 2020

Let’s just start by unwinding the actual acronyms and give them some simple terminology before we go through the benefits of Session Initiation Protocol, yes that’s it… Session Initiated Protoco...

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The Prince’s Trust And Elite Group Founder Matt Newing Transforming Young Lives In The North West

29th July 2020

More than 20 years ago, Elite Group Founder, Matt Newing had a business idea. He wanted to rent out memorable free phone numbers to big companies and make money from the phone calls they received. How...

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10 Ways a Hosted Phone System Can Drive Your Business

28th July 2020

Choosing the right phone system for your business can be as confusing as it is vital. Your phone system is what powers both your internal and external communication and collaboration, keeps your team ...

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The Top Reasons Why Microsoft 365 Is Good For Business And Why You Should Use Elite Group To Deliver It

27th July 2020

Elite Group is perfectly positioned to offer businesses a Microsoft solution that is suited to every specific business need.  Our highly knowledgeable consultants have experience of integrating a wid...

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Elite Group’s Technology Hub helping businesses recover from COVID Crisis

23rd July 2020

Elite Group technology hub is leading the way in the charge to enable businesses in the region to bounce-back stronger than ever after the Coronavirus crisis, using the latest technologies to securely...

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Utilising The Cloud For Improved Business Performance Is Pointless. Why Change? The System I Have Works.

21st July 2020

A virtual office gives you the ultimate flexibility to connect to your business from anywhere, anytime on any device. So, accessing your data, employees and customers in such a simple form allows for ...

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Microsoft Teams Features And Innovations Allowing For Improved Collaboration And More

20th July 2020

Since its inception, Microsoft Teams has revolutionised the way we communicate and collaborate, allowing a plethora of features to enhance everything we do in the workplace. Ongoing improvements are b...

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Getting through the COVID-19 Crisis: Tips from Tech Entrepreneur of the Year, Matt Newing

17th July 2020

As a successful tech entrepreneur and investor, I have many minority and majority stakes in a number of businesses, most of which are tech related, interspersed with a couple of property businesses. T...

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What Is Perimeter Security? The Basics And Why We Need It.

10th July 2020

Perimeter Security technologies provide a range of security services from basic firewall protection through to end-to-end security for your network and business. Why do we need security systems for ou...

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