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An Important COVID-19 Update from Elite Group


As part of the UK’s fight against COVID-19, businesses and individuals must increasingly adapt to a new way of working and living. we are continuously updating our business continuity plan to ensure the safety of employees, customers and the general public, whilst continuing to provide those critical services and communication channels.

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Elite Group Re-assigns Significant Computing Power To Join Folding@Home In The Fight For Covid-19 Therapeutics

31st March 2020

Here at Elite Group we have the expertise in technology, are specialists in remote working systems and our datacentres are equipped with significant infrastructure and huge computing capacity. So, itâ...

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Update on Covid-19: Further Detail Supplier

27th March 2020

Recently, we provided several updates from our suppliers regarding changes to their services. Today we wanted to provide further detail on what these changes mean. This is still very much an evolving ...

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Update Regarding Covid-19: Openreach Services

25th March 2020

Due to the unprecedented circumstances this remains a fast-moving situation and Openreach and other suppliers policies and processes may continue to change in the forthcoming days, weeks and months....

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18th March 2020

In the wake of the news surrounding COVID-19 and its spread across the globe, the health and safety of our employees and customers is our top priority....

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Elite Group Coronavirus Positioning Statement

12th March 2020

As news develops around the spread of Coronavirus, Elite Group is continuing to carefully monitor the situation. As the number of reported cases in the UK continues to rise so does the risk of exposur...

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How Flexible Working Could Save Your Business From The Negative Impacts Of Coronavirus?

5th March 2020

When it comes to Coronavirus, lots of questions remain unanswered. How contagious is it? Will authorities be able to contain it? When can we expect a true outbreak to hit the UK?...

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A Beginner’s Guide to the Cloud

5th March 2020

Cloud computing is essentially the delivery of computing services – including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and intelligence over the internet ‘in the cloud’. ...

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Five Reasons to Switch to a Hosted Desktop Solution

28th February 2020

Large enterprises are adopting emerging technologies up to five times faster than small companies. As well as updating outdated IT infrastructure, new technology needs to support company growth will b...

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Could a SIP Line Improve Your Business Communications and Reduce Costs?

21st February 2020

Effective communications between your business and customers are enabled by many different channels. Whether that’s voice, video or data, the options are endless. But finding a way to centralise you...

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