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5 Business IT Security Tips You Need to Know


Knowing where to start when it comes to improving your IT security can feel like the toughest part of the challenge. So, we’ve put together 5 key steps that you can take to improve your IT security and effectively defend your data.

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Open Sesame – Does Your Business Need Password Management?

14th January 2022

Complicated passwords are great for keeping hackers out of your accounts and safeguarding your data, but they are difficult to remember, especially if you have a variety of passwords for different acc...

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6 Security Risks of Cloud Computing

10th January 2022

We have a lot to thank cloud technology for. From spurring technological progression to enabling us to work from anywhere when the pandemic started causing chaos and now enabling businesses to allow f...

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Cloud of Suspicion – Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity

10th December 2021

It is a fact that cyber-criminal activity is becoming more sophisticated, therefore it is more important than ever to know how to protect any and all data within your business, including within your c...

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EU Roaming Charges Are Back – What You Need to Know

26th November 2021

When it comes to mobile providers, some are implementing different charges and plans compared to others - there isn’t really a clear cut charge across the board. So, it’s important that you know w...

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How Secure is Data in the Law Services Sector? – The Threat is Real and imminent.

19th November 2021

Considering the amount of sensitive data stored within the Law services sector, securing this business and client information should be paramount. However, like any professional service, IT security n...

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Elite Group Joins Forces with 8×8

9th November 2021

Elite Group, have bolstered their existing unified communications product set through partnering with innovative communications provider 8x8. This collaboration with 8x8 will enable Elite to future-pr...

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What are the Best Tools for Remote Workers?

5th November 2021

Implementing remote working can bring many benefits to both your team and your business. However, ensuring your business is equipped with the right tools for remote workers to ensure they can remain p...

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What Impact Will Hybrid Working Have on Security in the Legal Sector?

29th October 2021

During the pandemic, many roles no longer have to be tied to an office in order for people to work efficiently and be productive and the legal sector is no exception. A lack of knowledge when it comes...

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Future Communication Solutions for Small Businesses.

25th October 2021

What do they look like and what is the best small business phone system?...

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