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Everything you need to know about Azure Virtual Desktop


At Elite, we are a firm believer that work is what you do, not where you do it, with many of our team working throughout the UK and effectively collaborating regardless of distance. We truly know the value of hosted desktops, not just for our clients, but for our own team too. They have allowed us to not only stay productive and connected during the pandemic, but to successfully plan how to implement hybrid working within the business. So, without further ado, if you want to know how the Azure Virtual Desktop can enable your workforce to work from the office, home or just about anywhere - securely and productively

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Why Are Phones so Expensive?

15th June 2021

Since 2000, the evolution of phones has gone into overdrive, with today’s smartphones boasting a staggering range of features. In fact, despite still having the word “phone” in their name, a typ...

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5 Top Tips to Ensure Your IT Solutions are Ready for Hybrid Working

4th June 2021

At Elite, we have a vast range of solutions that will help your business to stay productive, profitable and connected whether you’re working hybrid, remotely or on-premises. From helping you to find...

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Elite Group gains Cisco Premier Integrator Status

2nd June 2021

Elite Group is delighted to announce that we have successfully achieved Cisco Premier Integrator Status in the global technology giant’s new partner programme. Cisco uses a variety of robust perform...

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Modern Communication Tools That Can Transform Your Workspace

14th May 2021

At Elite, we understand how vital effective communication is,  both inside and outside of the office. Teams that are connected are not only more productive, but they feel supported knowing that help ...

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A Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Teams

7th May 2021

At Elite Group, our Teams Talk packages provide a tailored platform for your communication needs. Teams Talk can unite many traditional voice features with Microsoft Teams to provide one tool for all ...

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Elite Group’s Acquisition of MWL Systems

29th April 2021

We talked to Matt Kingsley-Williams, who is now Elite Group’s Operations Director and was previously Managing Director of MWL Systems. Matt gave us an open, honest and, at times, emotional account o...

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How acquisitions help us to meet the growing needs of UK businesses

16th April 2021

If you’re looking to sell your business in 2021, we are looking to buy. Get in touch with us today to find out about our acquisition process, our expert acquisition team and how an acquisition could...

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Why CX is an Important Part of Mergers and Acquisitions

9th April 2021

Looking to sell your business in 2021? We could provide the solution. We have an expert acquisition team and we take the time to fully get to know you, your business and its needs. You are in control ...

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Acquisitions – What We Are Looking For and Why?

6th April 2021

Now you know what we are looking for in a potential acquisition, if you’re looking to sell your business, why not get in touch with us? You can find out more about our acquisition approach and how i...

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