Point-to-Point Circuit

Perfect for businesses with multiple offices that need fast, private, dedicated connectivity to support centralised corporate resources, a point-to-point circuit will connect multiple sites. Bespoke Solutions, Dedicated account management, 24/7 UK support and enterprise class SLA's.

Secure, Resilient and Flexible

As the UK’s leading unified communications supplier, Elite Group are perfectly positioned to provide your business with a point-to-point circuit.

When you choose Elite Group for a point-to-point solution, you are able to connect multiple sites in a secure, effective fashion. With a private point-to-point circuit, you can be confident that your network will remain separate from the public internet and that your data will be completely secure.

By using a centralised Point-to-Point solution, you will be able to implement a single IT policy across different sites, safely store all your data centrally and ease your IT overheads.

Point to Point High bandwidth Solution

High-Bandwidth. Low latency

A point-to-point circuit effectively extends your LAN across multiple sites without compromising performance and security. Because your circuit will use a dedicated fibre connection, you will experience minimum latency and be able to run time-sensitive applications without any problems.

By retaining ownership and control of your IP architecture by hosting and routing data across the network with a point-to-point circuit, you build flexibility into your business. Elite Group can offer 10Mbps to 10Gbps to meet your business needs.

With a point-to-point circuit, you can relax in the knowledge that you have your very own, dedicated connection.

Point-to-Point Circuit with dedicated technical support team

First-Class Support.

Once our engineers have your Point-to-Point Circuit up and running, our dedicated technical support team are available to address any issues you may have.

We ensure that our technical support staff possess a comprehensive knowledge of each of our products so that, whoever you speak to, you can be sure they know your solution inside out. Not only will we maintain your system, we will also continuously advise your business on how it can modify and enhance it – as well as evaluate new technologies that have become available.

We understand that you want to get the most out of your solution and budget. That’s why we pair our consultative account management service with our industry-leading support.

Business Benefits

Flexible High-Speed Service

Enjoy speeds of up to 10Gbps, our point-to-point circuits are high-speed, flexible and secure.

Fixed Charge

Receive a single, fixed bill each month, this means you will not have to pay any unexpected costs and that everything is upfront and transparent.

Centralise Data

Simplify your internal processes by storing data and services centrally and reducing your time to manage.


Avoid damaging your business by opting for a secure solution, which will prevent your data being compromised.


Relax in the knowledge that our in-house support teams are comprehensively trained and readily available in the unlikely event that you experience issues.

Enhanced Communications

Smooth lines with no interruptions – your internet will not slow down during busy periods as there is no other traffic travelling through your connection.

Increased Efficiency

Enjoy increased productivity with improved bandwidths on a modern fast network, increasing productivity for your business.

Why Choose Elite Group for Point-to-Point Circuits?

  • Industry-leading SLAs and fault management
  • Award winning 24/7 technical support
  • Premium partnerships with all major carriers
  • Industry experts with many years of industry experience
  • Dedicated account management
  • Optical fibre connection with no latency or delay
  • Extends LAN across local sites without compromising on performance and security
  • Simple and scalable VPN network configuration

The hosted private cloud service from Elite Group is providing huge commercial benefits to our operations in the UK, China and UAE.

Digital transformation has enabled the Roxor Group to consolidate our IT systems and increase our competitive edge in an already challenging market. It has also enabled our board of directors to make commercial decisions, quickly and with confidence.

Nick Massarella - IT Director - Roxor Group Ltd.

Elite Group: The Expert Unified Communications and IT Services Provider.

Excellent communications and IT solutions are essential to running an effective modern business.

By choosing one expert provider for all your communications and IT needs, you will experience the same excellent level of service and support across all your communications products. This increases productivity, reduces complexity and improves profitability.

Elite Group is dedicated to delivering a comprehensive range of best-in-class, future-proof communications and IT services. We make the complex simple, so that you can access and enjoy the very best solutions quickly and easily.

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Why choose Elite Group

Secure Solutions


IT Security is our number one priority with dedicated engineers and support teams maintaining the highest levels of security 24/7.

Collaboration with software development solutions


Elites partnerships allow us to provide individualised collaboration platforms to suit your business.

Productive solutions to benefit your business


Increase productivity with bespoke communication systems and platforms creating a more efficient workforce.

Benefit from software development solutions


Elite provide more efficient and productive communication and collaboration networks, generating greater profitability.