MPLS IPVPN Connectivity

Enterprise grade MPLS IPVPN connectivity solutions, Build flexibility, scalability and efficiency into your business with our 24/7 managed and monitored MPLS services. Bespoke Solutions, Dedicated account management, 24/7 UK support and enterprise class SLA's.

Enhance Your Network’s Performance

As IT and Unified Communications experts, Elite Group are perfectly positioned to provide your business with a solution which can support MPLS IPVPN Connectivity services. The right solution offers better performance, lower costs of ownership and a Quality of Service (QoS) platform for next generation over-the-top (OTT) services.

MPLS networks offer incredibly high-speeds and complete privacy and because MPLS doesn’t use the public internet, you will have complete control of your own traffic.

Elite Group will work closely with you to design your network in the most efficient way, ensuring that you benefit from the highest possible upload and download speeds, enterprise level support and next generation features.

Consolidate your network into a single enterprise infrastructure

Multi-Site Connectivity

When you choose Elite to optimise your Wide Area Network (WAN), you consolidate your network into a single enterprise infrastructure. This not only reduces network complexity and costs, it also makes it easy to monitor and control IT systems in various locations simultaneously.

Online reporting shows you what’s happening in your network at any time, so you can manage proactively.  Using QoS enables you to reassign priorities as required.  This means that you can increase response times and improve application performance.

For companies with more that one office and those that use demanding applications, an Elite network solution offers visibility and control, end-to-end service level guarantees, built-in flexibility and scalability.

Disaster Recovery with an MPLS solution from Elite Group

Built-In Disaster Recovery and a Future-Proof Solution

A good disaster recovery process is essential for any modern business. With Elite Group your disaster recovery process will be improved with better system access and secure backups at multiple datacentres as well as via the cloud. This allows remote sites to virtually reconnect to backup locations should disaster strike.

Inherently flexible and scalable, an MPLS solution will grow alongside your company. Whether you need to scale up to deal with a business spike, or scale down after a particularly busy period, with an MPLS solution, it’s easy. Using an MPLS network connection you can easily add, remove and connect new sites and remote workers.

Ideal for businesses who run cloud services

Enhanced MPLS IPVPN Connectivity Solutions

Highly resilient, Elite network solutions are ideal for businesses who run cloud services, Voice over IP and business critical programmes which requires symmetrical bandwidth to always be available.

Our converged network means you have one platform for everything, delivering multiple levels of QoS to prioritise business critical applications such as voice, video and cloud. Our enterprise network supports QoS, managed internet access and connectivity for remote users or home workers to ensure you get the best levels of performance at all times.

The Elite network IPVN is completely flexible, and can support your network requirements today as well as your future business needs – even if you don’t know what they are.

Business Benefits

Highly Resilient

Experience our high-quality network, built around highly-resilient datacentres with multiple connections to tier one carrier networks.

Substantial Cost Savings

Save money on hardware, monitoring and maintenance, as well as reducing traditional telephony costs by moving to VoIP.

Enhanced Performance

Increase response time and improve application performance and consolidate telecoms tools with a unified communications solution.

Built-In Disaster Recovery

Improve disaster recovery processes with better system access, linking to first-class datacentres and the cloud; connect to remote sites easily and virtually.

Future-Proof Your Business

Grow your solution alongside your company , whether you need to scale up to deal with a business spike, or scale down after a particular busy period, with our solution, it’s easy.

Easy Management

Use online reporting to see what’s happening on the network and reassign priorities if need be.


Enjoy one of the most secure network connectivity solutions around, providing robustness against attacks, core hiding and spoofing protection.

Why Choose Elite Group for MPLS IPVPN Connectivity?

  • Multiple levels of QoS for traffic prioritisation included
  • Simplified WAN
  • Less than 1% packet loss
  • 99.99% service availability
  • Enterprise routers at each site with auto-failure for backup connectivity
  • Online monitoring
  • Circuits from ADSL to 10GB fibre
  • Available across the UK and internationally
  • Robust service managers and 24/7 technical support
  • Guaranteed response times
  • Full project management of network installation and testing of failover circuits
  • BGP routing to separate datacentres for true resilience
  • SIP through our core network
  • Disaster recovery capabilities
  • Fully-managed migration and implementation
  • Dedicated Enhanced Network Operations Centre (NOC) for 24/7 specialist monitoring

The hosted private cloud service from Elite Group is providing huge commercial benefits to our operations in the UK, China and UAE.

Digital transformation has enabled the Roxor Group to consolidate our IT systems and increase our competitive edge in an already challenging market. It has also enabled our board of directors to make commercial decisions, quickly and with confidence.

Nick Massarella - IT Director - Roxor Group Ltd.

Elite Group: The Expert Unified Communications and IT Services Provider.

Excellent communications and IT solutions are essential to running an effective modern business.

By choosing one expert provider for all your communications and IT needs, you will experience the same excellent level of service and support across all your communications products. This increases productivity, reduces complexity and improves profitability.

Elite Group is dedicated to delivering a comprehensive range of best-in-class, future-proof communications and IT services. We make the complex simple, so that you can access and enjoy the very best solutions quickly and easily.

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Why choose Elite Group

Secure Solutions


IT Security is our number one priority with dedicated engineers and support teams maintaining the highest levels of security 24/7.

Collaboration with software development solutions


Elites partnerships allow us to provide individualised collaboration platforms to suit your business.

Productive solutions to benefit your business


Increase productivity with bespoke communication systems and platforms creating a more efficient workforce.

Benefit from software development solutions


Elite provide more efficient and productive communication and collaboration networks, generating greater profitability.