Utilise the Microsoft global infrastructure to operate your phone system via Microsoft Teams.

Stay Connected

Call2Teams service, hosted within the Microsoft Azure Cloud, operates across a global infrastructure spanning 3 continents. The service has built-in enterprise security and resilience and the necessary connections to the Microsoft infrastructure to deliver a high quality service.

Calls2teams is easy to deploy with microsoft teams

Simple To Deploy

Call2Teams is the premier Cloud service for easily connecting Microsoft Office 365 Teams users to a company phone system (PBX). The per-user service is delivered from the Cloud; no hardware or software changes are needed to existing PBX systems.

This gives businesses the ability to allow the flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime – increasing productivity and profitability. You can mix Teams and standard VOIP phones for users with no need for hardware upgrades or changes to existing communication solutions.

Improved business agility and adaptability allows you to scale up and down easily

Scale With Ease

The price per user, per month with Call2Teams allows for improved business agility and adaptability, creating the opportunity to scale up or down, as needed, without the worry of fixed-term costs.

With the Call2Teams solution, it is possible to quickly and simply integrate the existing phone set-up. Call2Teams sits between any phone system, PBX or SIP and Microsoft Teams. Meaning it is possible to provide the best of both Teams and Voice services.

Call2Teams gives an enterprise-grade, go-to-market solution for voice-enabling Teams. And it gives businesses a low-cost, flexible and immediate solution for making and receiving calls in Microsoft Teams. A simple UCaaS solution, that bridges the divide between existing Voice services and Teams. Simple, yet revolutionary.

Business Benefits

Microsoft Gold Partner

Elite Group have the Highest Partner Status with Microsoft.

First Class Support

Dedicated Account Managers always ready to help support your communication needs.

Continuity & Flexibility

Give your staff the ability to communicate and collaborate anywhere they have an internet connection.


A subscription-based model means that you can add users with ease, allowing your phone system to grow with your business.

Technical Checklist

  • Simple Web-based admin interface.
  • 100% native Teams experience.
  • Encrypted voice channels and Azure single-sign-on.
  • Service delivered using Microsoft infrastructure.
  • Empowers MS teams as a true communication and collaboration tool.
  • Compliance and reporting features on the existing PBX stay in place and untouched.
  • No software to install or manage.

Why choose Elite Group

Secure Solutions


Built-in enterprise security and resilience for the utmost cyber threat confidence.

Collaboration with software development solutions


This application allow users to access their on-premises PBX through Microsoft Teams from anywhere, on any device.

Productive solutions to benefit your business


Allow staff to benefit from flexible working practices such as home working to boost employee productivity.

Benefit from software development solutions


A purely subscription-based model which is easily expandable meaning, you only pay for the services you are consuming.