Professional IVR Voicing

Using effective messaging and professional voice artists, we create voicing solutions that support your business objectives. Our professional IVR voicing solutions are available in more than 40 languages

IVR Voicing

As the UK’s leading unified telecommunications provider, Elite Group can help you create professional voice prompts in a matter of days. 

Designed to reassure customers and guide them through your IVR system in the fastest and most intuitive way, our IVR voicing solutions increase productivity, reduce call abandonment and free up agents. 

By humanising your IVR solution, you greatly improve customer experience. Our professional IVR solutions are all recorded using the latest equipment and software so that your solution will sound great over any phone.   

Our IVR solutions are provided in more than 40 languages

Award-Winning Writers and Professional Voices

It’s important that new customers feel welcome and existing customers feel reassured. That’s why we use award-winning creative writers to craft your script. Our aim is to ensure that your brand’s ethos and personality shine through. Whatever tone of voice you want, whatever message you need to deliver, our writers will be able to create a script to match.  

Our professional voice artists have a wealth of experience recording for IVR solutions. We offer a range of talent – with artists of all ages, genders and accents – and can record scripts in more than 40 languages.  

Your IVR solution matches your business requirements

The Perfect Caller Experience

For today’s companies, delivering first-class customer service over the phone is crucial. Telephony is still consumers’ favourite way of communicating with businesses, but many companies still have in place systems that let their customers down.  

Long hold times, difficult to navigate systems, being forced to repeat your query or question to multiple agents. These negatively impact on customer experience and poor customer experiences are the primary reason customers choose to go to another supplier. 

We will ensure that your IVR solution matches your business requirements and that your customers remain happy.  

Business Benefits

Diverse Talent

Make the most of our talent – whether you need Received Pronunciation, a regional or international accent, we will find the perfect voice actor for you

High Quality Recording

Ensure your IVR system delivers a high-quality experience – we record our IVR voicing solutions with the latest equipment and software


Cater to international callers – we offer IVR voicing solutions in more than 40 languages

Improved Customer Experience

Reduce hold times, simplify your system and make an excellent first impression so that customers come back again and again

Brand Image

Create a strong, professional image by employing a technology proven to improve customer experience

Rapid Set Up

Move quickly – we are able to write the script, record the voice artist and update your IVR in a matter of days

Why Choose Elite Group for Professional Voicing?

  • Industry-leading, UK-based customer service
  • Dedicated, named account manager
  • Premium partnerships with all the leading UK hardware suppliers
  • Industry experts with many years’ experience
  • Tailored and scalable hardware solutions for businesses of any size
  • Over 40 languages to choose from, create a script, record your messaging and update your IVR in a matter of days
  • All recording is completed with the latest technical equipment and software
  • Scripts written by professional creative writers with access to a diverse range of professional voice actors

The hosted private cloud service from Elite Group is providing huge commercial benefits to our operations in the UK, China and UAE.

Digital transformation has enabled the Roxor Group to consolidate our IT systems and increase our competitive edge in an already challenging market. It has also enabled our board of directors to make commercial decisions, quickly and with confidence.

Nick Massarella - IT Director - Roxor Group Ltd.

Why Choose Elite Group

Secure business for software development solutions


IT Security is our number one priority with dedicated engineers and support teams maintaining the highest levels of security 24/7.

Collaboration with software development solutions


Elites partnerships allow us to provide individualised collaboration platforms to suit your business.

Productive solutions to benefit your business


Increase productivity with bespoke communication systems and platforms creating a more efficient workforce.

Benefit from software development solutions


Elite provide more efficient and productive communication and collaboration networks, generating greater profitability.