FSG Property Services Case Study

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FSG Property Services Case Study Overview

FSG Property Services specialise in the delivery of public sector housing maintenance and improvement contracts. Their team serve local authorities, housing associations and social housing providers across a range of locations, including Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire.

Customer satisfaction is a key focal point within FSG’s services and clear communication with key stakeholders, residents and the local community, as well as their team members is vital. As such, mobile phones are a key solution within their business to facilitate effective communication.

Unclear billing causing unnecessary overspending and a lack of access to effective support from their provider led them to turn to Elite Group to provide a more comprehensive and cost-effective alternative.


FSG Property Services Case Study Highlights


Comprehensive Consultation

Our mobile consultant worked with FSG to identify their pain points and business needs in order to find a solution that was cost-effective and fit-for-purpose.


Simple Billing

FSG Property Services had clear visibility over their contract and its associated costs, so there were no more surprise charges in their monthly bill.


Reliable Support

Support is always on hand and easily accessed through our ServiceNow portal, so FSG no longer have to cope with long wait times when looking for help or advice.


Unlimited Data

We sourced a business mobile plan that offered unlimited data, enabling effective connectivity and communication from any location.

Working alongside Elite Group has been a very good experience and very beneficial to our business needs.

Steve Allen | Facilities & Procurement Coordinator | FSG Property Services