Cover-More Insurance Services Case Study

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Cover-More Insurance Services Case Study Overview

Cover-More Travel Insurance has been providing travellers in the UK, Australia and New Zealand with high-quality travel insurance cover and round-the-clock emergency medical assistance for over 30 years.  Their customer base is supported by hundreds of travel insurance and emergency specialists in order to meet their needs quickly, thoroughly and effectively.

Providing 24/7 support requires effective network solutions. However, Cover-More’s existing solution lacked resiliency as it relied on a single Ethernet circuit with Ethernet First Mile back-up (a solution that is approaching End of Life) and a single firewall. This meant that there was a single point of failure within Cover-More’s network, which posed a risk of downtime – a critical risk for a business offering 24/7 support. Alongside this risk, Cover-More were struggling with a poor relationship and lack of pro-active support from their provider.

We provided network solutions from Meraki, alongside pro-active professional services to ensure a strong client-provider relationship. Most importantly we built a strong relationship that allowed Cover-More to partner with a service provider who felt like an extension of their team, as opposed to just a transactional relationship.


Cover-More Insurance Case Study Highlights


Resilient Network

The risk of network failure and associated downtime was reduced.


Consultative Approach

We offered a comprehensive investigation of current solutions to offer an alternative solution that provided more value.


Better Bandwidth

Cover-More had access to twice the available bandwidth therefore their new solutions provided better value for money.


Scalable Infrastructure

Solutions can be easily scaled to meet the needs of Cover-More as they look to expand in the future.

“Elite Group have provided us with outstanding support for the last 12 months. We have used other companies in the past and Elite clearly understand our requirements more than others we have used. Their Cisco Meraki knowledge is exemplary compared to other companies we have relied on previously. Elite Group are always competitive on price and delivery when looking at new projects.”

Jeremy Clutterbuck | CIO Europe | Cover-More Insurance Services